Royal Tombs

In the afternoon, it will be interesting to visit the 3 main royal tombs which are:

Tu Duc Tomb:

This tomb located in the Thuong Ba village was built in 1867 and is composed of 50 monuments surrounded by a wall which measures 1500m. Thanks to the beauty of the site with its lake, its monuments and its pine forest, it is a very relaxing place to visit.


Khai Dinh tomb:

Located 10kms away from Hué near the Chau Chu mountain, this was built in 1931. This tomb has a Western influence and mix the European and Asian styles.


Minh Mang Tomb:

Located on Cam Ke mount, 12kms away from Hué. It was finished to build in 1843 after the death of Minh Mang emperor who was sick. However, his successor Thieu Tri continued the project.

The place is composed of 40 monuments which are a must see when visiting Hue.


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