Sabah is a region where there are many treasures of the nature. However, because of some murders and terrorism, the Ministery of Foreign Affairs don’t recommend the north coast of Sabah as you can see:

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Then there might be some places that are very nice but that I should avoid at the moment because of the tensions.

Sipadan National park

This region is very famous for the diving and snorkeling experience. This is the case of the Sipadan National park where you can see many turtles or loads of different tropical fishes:


And this is how the place look like:


Then; I really hope that it will become safer this year because I would really love to. As it is now, it is not advised to go there at the moment.

Kinabalu Mount:

This place located in Kota Kinabalu is something to see. Indeed, there is a sportive trek to do to reach the peak of the mount:

that is how it looks like:



This place is not located in the area where there are too much tensions, then, at the moment there are not that much risks to go there.

As you might remember, this is the place where some backpackers took off their clothes after climbing the mount. According to local people it was a big lack of respect, because this mount and this place is considered to be sacred. Few weeks after this event, a seism happened and the group of backpackers were accused to have made the gods angry…


It takes 3 days and 2 nights to do this trek. It is also very expensive to do it (several hundred euros) so I will see if I will be  able to treat myself and if I find a good price.

For the other activities that are available there, I will check it while I will be there and I will plan it only if I still have time. I cannot predict too much because of the terrorism and tension issues that happened recently.

For instance, the Turtle Island park looks really interesting but it is located in a dangerous zone: