El Nido

It was a dream to visit this place when I saw pictures, then I want to enjoy my time at its best.

Secret Lagoon Beach:

I don’t know what is the secret of this island and I am curious to discover it. This is an overview of what it looks like:


Small Lagoon:

This is a famous spot and a good place for kayaking. I will definitely do it:


Big Lagoon:

They also have a bigger one where we can go with a tour guide and loads of people say that it is good. The Tour A is the name of the tour that I need to take.


This is an overview of the king of places that we can see in El Nido, but there are a lot more beaches and natural places which are amazing. But as I will stay 5 days there, I will see directly there with the locals what is the best and I will plan on the spot.