Boloven Plateau

This is according to me one of the best thing to do in the region according what I saw in the pictures and what I read.

First, I will have to rent a motorbike in Paksé. Otherwise, if I am not sure about myself I will use a tour agency.

But lets assume I will rent a bike:

I will do a big tour of the Bolovens plateau:

Pha Suam waterfalls:

I will start with these falls which seems very nice to see. There is a bridge where we can see it properly and it looks very nice too.



It costs 5000 kips for the entrance plus an additional 2000 kips for the motorbike parking.

Tad Lo:

I will then have to move in the direction of Tad Lo. Normally, I should pass through some nice places such as the falls of Tat Suong where we can have a wonderful view as you can see on the picture below. There, it is possible to see some local communities which are living in the rural way.


It is also good to see the falls of Tad Lang to end the day and sleep in the guest house Palamei which is apparently very good. It is located after a bridge which is after the Tad Lang waterfalls.


I will stop in Paksong and sleep there in the Borlaven guesthouse. Then, in the morning I will have a look at the traditional market if possible.

Afterwards, I will find the place where I can use the WIFI. Apparently, there is only 1 place hold by a European man who is also organizing a tour of his coffee plantations.

I will continue my way in the direction of Paksé and try to find 2 waterfalls where you have to pay 5000 kips for the entrance.  It is the case of the Tad Fane waterfall (Picture 1) which is apparently the highest one in Laos; and the Tad Yuang (Picture 2):



It is common to have some lunch at the top of these falls as there are some natural swimming pools in the heart of the jungle.

Then I will come back to Paksé and give back the motorbike and go to see the 4000 islands.

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