30th October 2015

This will be my last day in the city.

First thing to do will be to do the online check in in the morning to get that ready for my flight in the night. Indeed, it id only possible to do from 24 hours before the flight. Then I will take advantage of the WIFI to do it in the hostel.

Emirgan Park:

This is a big far from Taksim (like 15kms away) but I can take the metro to get there which should be very quick.

The place is very cool to chill and relax, maybe I can stay with my friend from school during this day. I can spend the morning with her there and plan something for the afternoon.

This is how the park look like.



I will have some time because my flight is at 1am on the 31st October. Then, I will have to get to the Sahiba airport around 11pm just to be sure to get my flight and dont stress.

Then, direction Dubai 🙂