From Ko Chang, I will have to go back to the land in Trat, and then, from there Pattaya is located less than 4 hours ago. Maybe it would be good to arrange to arrive there for dinner, get to a nice guesthouse, and then go for a party night there.

I am thinking to stay around 2 days, and then go to Bangkok to take a flight in order to reach Surat Thani.

Walking Street:

This is the most famous place for clubs, and bars and it is the place to go to have some drinks and enjoy the nightlife:


Prasat Sut Ja-Tum:

Also called the Sanctuary of Truth, this temple is fully made of wood and very big. It is near the seaside, so you can take nice pictures of this 110 meters height monument.


The Big Buddha:

Here is it a big statue of Buddha at the top of some steps, and it is surrounded by smaller statues. It is worth to see if I pass by it. It won’t be my priority because I will see a lot of these statues during my trip and I might have enough of it in the end but lets see:


Amazon Fishing Park:

I would really like to do this activity where you can catch some big special fishes in a kind of river. However it costs 4500 Bahts per head so I will see if I have the opportunity to do it or not according to the finance aspect.

Art in Paradise:

I am not an art museum guy but this one interests me definitely. They are exposing some paintings which plays with the 3D effect and I only saw this kind of crazy thing in picture but never in real life.

The entrance fee is 300 Bahts, there is also a museum like that in Bangkok but this one is bigger and it looks that it is worth a stop.

This is an example of the drawings that you can find there:


Pattaya Zoo and Crocodile Farm:

This is a good place for those who love animals. You can get very close to some species and see different shows such as a special show with the crocodiles which is apparently impressive.

I heard that the atmosphere there is cool with beautiful countryside and gardens to take pictures.

Apparently, it is quite far to go there from Pattaya, then I will see if it is not convenient enough.


Enduro Tour:

I really like offroad and Pataya offers some nice coutrysides to ride around in the jungle.

It costs 3500 Bahts for 3 hours and they give you the gear and a nice bike. I will have to make my mind to choose which activity I really want to do because I won’t be able to do everything.