Koh Lipe

This will be the last step of the trip in Thailand.

Koh Lipe is also called the Maldives of Thailand.

This island of 4 km² is still not very touristic and is then very wild with not that much infrastructure there.

Then it would be cool to spend the day there to relax and then, sleep in these bungalows in front of the sea.

The program ? Go to spend some time in Pattaya Beach which is the most living place of the island.

Then there are some places such as Sunrise and Sunset beaches which are worth to go at the right time. Judge by yourself:



After a few days there; it will be time to reach Malaysia.

Ferries are operating from Koh Lipe to Langkawi until the 30th April. Then we will leave Koh Lipe at the right time on the 7th April.

The Thaï company Tigerline is operating the transfer as well as the Malaysian company Telaga Terminal which is less expensive (128 Malaysian Ringgint =  25 euros against 1260 Bahts = 30 euros for the Thaï company)

This should be booked in advance before to arrive in Thailand from Cambodia in order to pass the boarder without problem.