Git Git Waterfalls:

Located at the extrem North; these waterfalls are very easy to access and the entrance is free.

You can refresh and swim under the 35m waterfall in the middle of the rain forest.

This is how it looks like:


Sepumkul Waterfalls:

However, some people argue that this is not the best waterfall and that the Sepumkul waterwalls; located 24km away from this one, is much better even if it is less famous.

Then, I might see both in order to give my point of view about these waterfalls.

For your information, these are the Sepumkul waterfalls:

It looks very impressive with all the vegetation. However, it is much more difficult to access and you need to go as far as possible with the scooter before to end up trekking in the forest to reach it.

I think it will be possible to do both as it is in the direction of the Mount Batur anyway.