Dudhsagar Falls

Once again we going to move from the coast and head to the mountains in Monsoon.

Located in the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park, this is a place to go for those who like to swim in the rivers.

Capture d’écran 2015-06-23 à 20.12.25


As you can see on the following picture, there is a railway passing in front of the waterfall. If it is too complicated to get there in scooter; it might be worth going in train and jumping out the train when it comes near the waterfall. I actually saw pictures of people on the bridge waiting to jump in the train, so I guess it is possible.

However, I don’t know if the train is stopping completely so it might be easy to jump out but difficult to jump in.

We will then ask the adventurous locals to see if it is possible and not too dangerous.

Apparently, we can go until the rail station Casttle Rock, and from there we will have to take a train and disembark at the Dudhsagar stop. Then we will have to walk during a kilometer on the tracks and go through a dark 200 meters tunnel to reach the waterfall. This looks like the cheapest and more convenient option.

However, as we will come from Panjim, the option I found on forums is to take a train until Mollem station, and then to hire a car or a tata sumo which will take us near the waterfall through the jungle for 30 to 50 INR per head.


Otherwise, if we go in taxi or motorbike, we will have to get there early because they bring us to the main entrance and it closes at 4PM. A fee of 20 INR for the entrance is requested. There is also a 200 – 400 INR fee to go there in Jeep, as it is difficult to access and they also make you pay for a lifejacket which is compulsory (30 INR). It might be possible to go by ourselves instead of hiring a Jeep, and that would be the best option according to me.

We will have to bring enough drinkable water as there are no facilities around there and no network. It is a famous place to trek in the jungle and to do some wild camping. Then we might sleep there if it is safe enough, and I will have the opportunity to use my new Amazonas hammock to see if it is good for the jungle, as I only used it in the forest in France at the moment:





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