Mandawa is a town of the Jhunjhunu district of the Rajasthan which is famous for its fort and haveli.

Tour of the town:

Before visiting the famous monuments, it will be nice to have a walk around the town and discover the small streets to know what the town can offer in terms of bazar and markets. This town has the reputation to have a very nice community of local people; this might be a good place to talk to them and know about the way they live.



Mandawa Fort:

This fort was founded in the 18th Century. it is located in the middle of the town and has the particularity to have some beautiful paintings and carvings.



Mandawa Havelis:

They are the most beaufiful things to see in the town. The details in the cavings and the quality of the frescos make these monuments a must see. On the top of that, it is qualified as an open art gallery.

Once we have seen all these things, it will be time to get back to Delhi, to say bye to my friend and to take the plane in the direction of Bangkok in Thailand for a new adventure.

However, before to go to the airport, I will have to make sure that I have a proof that I will be going out of the Thaï land within 30 days.

Indeed, it is possible that the airline company doesn’t allow me to fly if I cannot present any proof that I will be out within 30 days.

I took the company Spicejet and after some calls, they are not able to tell me whether they will ask me for a proof or not if I benefit from the visa exemption from Thailand (30 days).

Then I found out that I can take a nominative bus ticket and I found the website where I found some bus tickets from Hatyai (Thailand) to Penang or Ipoh (Malaysia) for 10 euros. Even if I won’t use it as I am crossing the boarder to Laos, it is a proof that I will be out of the territory.


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