Chocolate Hills

Obviously, this is the main reason of my venue on this island. It is THE famous place to see there.

So , Chocolate Hills; its a very unusual landscape that is composed of many smalls hills in the island. This is unique and can be seen only in this island.

chocolate hills-1

The amount of hills is still unknown but they assume that there are between 1200 and 1800 small hills, with the highest measuring around 120m.

The interesting fact about it is that there is still a mystery about the formation of these hills. Even though there are some beliefs and theories, nothing has been proved at the moment.

When I will go, the hills will be as in the following picture, in a brown color, as it will still be the dry season:


However; for those who visit it in the rainy season, you will see them green like that:

chocolate hills-1.0