29th October 2015

This day, my friend Guillaume will come back to France in the afternoon and his flight is at 2.15pm.

Then we will be limited in time and we will have to wake up early to do some more things before he leaves.

Yerebatan Sarnici:

This place looks very interesting and it is apparently not too long to visit. Also located in Sultanahmet. It is a historical place and this is where is located the water supply for the town.

Underground basilica cistern in Istanbul, Turkey. Byzantine water reservoir build by Emperor Justinianus

It is considered as the biggest cistern of the Byzantin empire.

There, you can spot interesting carvings on the columns and see the famous Medusa head:


The entrance fee is 20 TL which is about 6 euros.

Bosphorus Cruise:

Then after the short visit of the cistern, we can finish the morning by a cruise on the Bosphorus where we can see all the different important things of the town from the sea.

It is apparently a must do. It is possible to negotiate the cruise at 10 euros (around 20 TL) and have a lunch thereon the boat.


I don’t know if my friend will be able to make it because he needs to go to the airport before in order to do the check in. Then, I might do the cruise by myself or with my Turkish friend, but if it is the case; it is better to do it in the evening just before the sunset. I will see with her for the other cool things to do in the afternoon.

Then, I will go back to the hostel and maybe in the evening I will go to have a drink and a shisha somewhere; lets see.