Langkawi is one of the Malaysian Island located in the Andaman sea. It is located 30km away from the Malaysian North West coast (state of Kedah).

There are loads of interesting things to see in this island but the most famous is the trip in Cable Car:


From there, you can have a panoramic view of the island, see the jungle from the top with its wildlife, its waterfalls and so on.

The standard adult ticket costs 35 Ringgit, which is about 7 euros. It is worth it because once at the top; you can go down doing a Jungle trekking as you can see on the map below:page_skytrail_03

You can see that between the middle and top point, there is a bridge. This one is called the Skybridge. It is located 700m above sea level which is making it the highest bridge in the island and the most famous for its amazing view as you can guess thanks to the picture below:


It is very important that I check the weather forecast before doing these activities as the sky should be very clear to enjoy the experience at the maximum. If it is cloudy, it is better to do something else instead.

Not far from there, I can have a stop at the Telaga Tujuh Waterfall. It is not far from the beach and it is good to refresh there after the hike. People advise to be careful with the cheeky monkeys which rob you everything. Then, Caution 🙂


There are other waterfalls to see such as the Durian Perangin Waterfall or the Temurun Waterfall but I will ask local people there to see which ones are the best to see first because I might be limited in time and won’t be able to see everything.

However, there is something that I really want to don’t miss: a Mangrove Kayak Safari. Indeed it looks amazing as you can see on the picture below.


With this activity, you can see the proper wildlife of the island from very close. Snakes, bats, eagles and so on. Many people advise to use the tour operator Dev’s Adventure Tours so I will see.