Trekking Trip

I love trekking and Chiang Mai is the place by reference to do that.

I really want to learn a lot about the nature and how to survive in the jungle.

That is why I found this: Guides are apparently very professional and knowledgeable. I might do the 3 days and 2 nights trek which will be very complete. Everyone recommend it online.

It costs 5000 Bahts and includes:

– Hiking in the jungle with teaching of survival techniques,
– Visit of an elephant camp with many activities with the animals.
– Visit of villages with tribes (Karen and Shan)


There is also this company which looks good for survival treks and which practices similar prices. I will then ask around when I will be there which one I should use.

The only thing is that bamboo rafting doesn’t look like it is in the package for the survival trek. But I am sure it can be negotiated. Otherwise, I will build my own one and do it by myself during my road trip.



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