Koh Samui

Koh Samui is one of the biggest island in Thailand.

Again we will rent a scooter to cruise around the island and discover its secrets.


In Big Buddha Beach, there is this huge 12 meters gold statue is the emblem of the island. It is facing the beach and is impressive to see.

My cousin who went there, told me that it is the main beach of the island and it is where you arrive from in boat.



Coral Cove looks stunning:


But what to say about Crystal Bay:



Mu Ko Ang Thong National Marine Park:

This is an absolutely must do according to my cousin. One of his best souvenir from these islands. It is located in the island of Ko Wua Talap that you can reach in ferry, and there, you can benefit from a nice trek in the jungle and have an amazing view on the islands which are around.



Namuang Waterfalls:

Waterfalls are not missing in this island, but the 2 Namuang waterfalls are from far the best.

They are located 12 kilometers South-East of Nathon Bay. It is called Na Muang because of the purple rocks that can be found on the waterfalls.

The first one has a natural pool where we can refresh after walking for a while in the jungle. The second waterfall is located 30 minutes ahead uphill.

There is no entry charge and it is relatively easy to get there as there is a walking path. I might find some guides around who will ask for money to bring you there, but no need as it is OK to do it on your own.



Elephant Trekking:

This will also be a nice activity that I would like to do in the island. My cousin did it and show me videos of the elephant ride in the jungle and it looks amazing. There is an elephant safari camp located near the Naming waterfalls where I can do that.

This costs approximately 500 Bahts for the ride which is between 30 and 90 minutes trek in the jungle.



Jungle Waterslide:


This jungle waterslide is a must do. It is also located near the waterfalls. Watch this video at 4.12min and you will understand why I want to do that:

Secret Buddha Garden:

Here we can see some old statues in a garden with abandoned houses, it look very pittoresque and worth to do.

This place is located in the hills of Koh Samui, to the North-West of Lamai Beach at Baan Saket, where we can also see amazing views and waterfalls.



Snake Farm:

I love reptiles and I think that I will like this place.

They do different shows with the most dangerous snakes on earth. They also display some scorpions and centipedes.

The shows take place at 11am and 2pm. There is also a section where we can touch and handle some reptiles.


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