From Kampong Chang, Kep is located a bit more than 4 hours away in bus at 250 kms.

This city in the South of Cambodia looks really interesting.


Kep National Park:

This parc looks nice to visit. There is apparently a trail of 8 kms to do, where we can have a nice view on the seaside once we are at the top.

The entry fee is $1 and it is possible to do the walk without guide as it is pretty well indicated with signs.

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The other cool thing in the park is the Magic Tree: A tree that you can climb from inside, then have an amazing view at the top.


Pepper Farms:

There is a pepper farm which will be nice to visit. It is free to visit and you can eat there which is apparently very good. This will be a good way to understand all the process of production:


Rabbit Island:

Located 30 minutes away from Keb in boat, this will cost approximately 7$ for transport to get there.

On the island, it is good to relax and have a beach day. The water is transparent, but no fishes or corals inside. However the scenery looks beautiful and it can be nice to spend a day there.

Boats are leaving at 9am to come back at 3pm generally. The food is not as good as in Keb and more expensive according to people who experienced it.


Keb Crab Market:

I really love seafood and this place is something that I won’t miss. Judged as the best place to eat seafood, you can see the freshness of the products in the morning when the fishermen are bringing the seafood from their boat.

They also sell some fruit juices which are apparently delicious


Phnom Kampong Trach Cave:

These caves apparently look like the one you can see in the Halong Bay in Viet Nam. However i won’t have the opportunity to visit that in Viet Nam.

Then, I want to visit these caves.

Near the entrance, some children will propose their service of guide for 1$, which is useful as they bring a lamp and have a lot of knowledge about the place and how to visit it.

One of the cave has water where you can go inside as you can see on the picture, and there is one with a temple inside.


Before to come up to the North, I might do a detour to Sihanoukville which is approximately 2 hours away on the west of Kep.

This will be the place to relax in the beautiful beaches such as the Otres Beach.

White sand, clean blue water, what else can we ask for ?


There are some wild and undeveloped tropical islands around where it should be cool to go.

It is the case of Koh Rong which has been advised by my friend Cem who went to Cambodia in road trip. He explained to me that this island is very rural with no electricity in the whole island after 10pm (only in one bar), no doctor, and it is located 15 kms away from the coast. However, he told me to be very careful as there is the dengue fever there; and he is the right person to tell me that because he caught this fever and had to be brought back in Europe to be cured.

A part from this, this is what Koh Rong looks like: