I will arrive in Bali Denpasar airport which is very close from Kuta.

There are some things to do in this town but it is not the best in the island; then, I won’t stay more than a day there.

Waterbom Bali:

This is a famous waterpark in Bali. It would be fun to do it but it is quite expensive. It costs around 30 euros to enter in the park, food there is expensive and facilities too. Then, it might not be worth to do it even though it looks good.

I have already had this kind of experience in Dubaï and I guess that it is the same kind of attraction.

The thing is that it is the biggest waterpark in the whole Asia. Hence, that is why it might be worth to spend the day there.

Have a look at this video to give you an idea of the attractions there:

Seriously, it looks fun 🙂

Surf Beaches:

Bali is well know for all its surf spots and surfers from all over the world come there to catch the waves.  There are some famous beaches to see if I have time.

Balangan Beach, Pandawa Beach and Kuta Beach are the most famous. However, some people argue that it is not very beautiful compared to the rest of the island. It is reputed to have loads of sellers everywhere, which can be annoying. However it is very good for surfing, so it might be good to have a try there. I surfed only when I was very young as you can see on the following picture, so lets see if I can still do it now.


Pandawa and Balangan beach are quite far from the airport whereas Kuta beach is the closest, just next to the waterpark. This is how the beach looks like:


It looks good but apart from waves, there is apparently much better in the island, so I will go only if I have time because I am sure there are other places to surf.