8th December 2015 – 6th January 2016

This is a map showing the provisional itinerary that I will follow for the 30 days visiting Thailand:

This is the detail of the steps:

1/ Bangkok
2/ Kanchanaburi
3/ Surat Thani: Koh Tao / Koh Phan Ngan / Koh Samui
4/ Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park
5/ Return Via Bangkok for Khao Yai National Park
6/ Ayutthaya
7/ Lopburi
8/ Kamphaeng Phet
9/ Sukhothai
10/ Chiang Mai
11/ Chiang Rai

However, before to arrive in Thailand, I will have to make sure that I have a proof that I will be going out of the Thaï land within 30 days to show to Indian authorities in Delhi airport

Indeed, it is possible that the airline company doesn’t allow me to fly if I cannot present any proof that I will be out within 30 days.

I took the company Spicejet and after some calls, they are not able to tell me whether they will ask me for a proof or not if I benefit from the visa exemption from Thailand (30 days).

Then I found out that I can take a nominative bus ticket and I found the website where I found some bus tickets from Hatyai (Thailand) to Penang or Ipoh (Malaysia) for 10 euros. Even if I won’t use it as I am crossing the boarder to Laos, it is a proof that I will be out of the territory.

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