Chiang Mai

Day 19:

I arrived to Chiang Mai really early around 4am as I took a bus from the Mrorchit station in Bangkok around 7pm the night before. It costs 545 Bahts. I preferred to take this one rather than the train which was 255 Bahts but took 16 hours instead of 9 hours.

When I arrived in Chiang Mai; I met a malaysian guy who was also backpacking. We went to walk around together in Chiang Mai in the early morning; then we went to a hostel to leave our belongings.

We went to the morning market where my friend bought some watm clothes to go to Doi Inthanon on that day. It was very cheap (80 Bahts for a warm jacket). Then, we bought some nice food there. I really recommend you to try the homemade battered squid which was delicious and cost only 20 Bahts the portion.

Then aound 9am, we moved to Doi Inthanon after having rented a scooter for 120 Bahts a day.

The road to get there is amazing after the motorway and it is not dangerous as long as you are careful and you know how to drive.

The entrance of the Natiinal Park is 300 Bahts plus 20 Bahts for the scooter.

It took us 1 hour and half to arrive there.
There are many points to stop there.

You can see a food market where you can take some nice dumplings. It is located at the top point of the hill. However, when you continue after the market, you got stopped by some people as I think that it is a military basis. There is also a spacial basis around where we went to have a quick look.

When you go right, there is a path leading to some signs telling that this is the highest point in Thailand, that is why it is cold and you should take warm clothes with you.

When you go a bit down, there is another point where loads of tourists stop. It is a kind of walk where you can go up and see the 2 pagodas from a high point. However, you are obliged to take a guide, so we did not do it as it was another 300 Bahts each that we already paid for the park entrance.

Instead, we get from the left side and walked around to see the pagodas before to go closer and see them from close. 

You also have to take a ticket for that which is a bit unfair when you already pay for the national park entrance but this one is cheap (20 or 50 Bahts if I remember) and it is worth it.

You can walk up in the direction of the forest and get some amazing footages of the place.

I was so tired as we did not sleep, we just slept a bit in the bus the day before and went straight to the park. Then I took a nap in the grass to get a bit more energy.

It started to be very cold but we decided to stay a bit more to watch the sunset and we don’t regret it. It was really beautiful.

On the way down, you have some roads leading to waterfalls but it was really far and we didn’t take time to go there.

We came back to the hostel and slept early after a nice dinner on a market place.

Indeed, I needed to rest for the next day to ride until Paï.

Day 20:

I woke up early in order to pick up my friend Ania from the airport as she planned to go to Pai with me.

We then had a breakfast in Chiang Mai and started our way to Pai.

The road to go there was beautiful. We stopped many times on the way.

We stopped at a market where they were selling fresh strawberrys. We bought some and saw the fruit fields just behind the stall.

We then stopped to Mork Fa to see the waterfall. It was 100 Bahts to enter in the area and it was worth it. This waterfall is not very well known so it was not so busy. You can swim in there. There is also a path which is leading to a small trek in the heart of a bamboo forest. You can also visit a bat cave but we did not do it.

On the way, we stopped again to some stalls on the side of the jungle where we took some delicious bamboo sticky rice and baby coconuts.

Finally, we arrived to Pai for the sunset and stopped to one of the best place to get coffee in Thailand. It was almost 100 Bahts for the iced coffee but it was the best I have ever tried. The one I took is a speciality with a japanese red bean paste on top. It was amazing.

Then we went near the river and took a bungalow which was very nice with a hammock on our balconee. It costs 600 for a private bungalow with shower inside. Otherwise, they have bungalows for 300 Bahts with shared bathroom. It is located just in front of the bamboo bridge.

We went to eat in the walking street where you have all sorts of foods. We tried many different things such as insects, squid, indian food and even bugs such as silk maggots or crikets. We took some beers aswell.

Day 21:
We woke up very early in order to go to a viewpoint to see the sunrise.

At 5am we saw a fight of chinese girls there, it was a bit awkward and crazy as they wanted to kill eachother and were very violent.

Then, we saw the sunrise and it was nice even if it was a bit cloudy.

When we came back down, it was the time when the monks were in the streets for the donations. We then bought some food and a monk pray for us.

Afterwards, we had a traditional breakfast from north Thailand which consists in noodles with basil leaves, crispy pork and dumplings. It was good.

After a nice thai coffee from Coffee In Love, we went to the Grand Canyon which was very nice and spent a few hours there walking around.

As usual in the evening, we ended up in the night market.

We decided to buy our own food to do a barbecue on our terasse. We then bought some nice fish prepared by local people and they gave us a barbecue. We also got some fresh squid and drinks to celebrate the new year.

Later at night time, everyone was lighting up some lanterns and the sky was pretty nice.

Just before 12, everyone was lighting fireworks and lanterns and we were in the heart of the festivities it was awesome.

After getting some creps, we went to sleep as I needed some rest to drive back to Chiang Mai the following day.

Day 22:

Koh Phangan

Day 17:

I arrived to Koh Phangan in the evening before sunset to join Antonin for the famous Full Moon Party. It was Christmas Day and loads of foreigners came there specially for this event.

I crossed the path of Dorine and Melanie in the boat, then they stayed with us for the night.

When we arrived there, we had to take a tuktuk to go to the party place which was in Aad Rin. It costs 100 Bahts for each person.

The way to go there is wonderful, especially for sunset. The roads are going up and down and you can have a beautiful view on the seaside from up. I understood that this island is beautiful and it is not just about party there. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to stay there more than a night, so I will try to come back to visit it properly.

Once arrived there, I had nowhere to go to sleep as I did not book anything. But I planned to leave all my belongings and my big backpack in Antonin’s hostel. He was sceptical that it was possible as the owner was not.very helpful with its guests. However, he took my bag as it was its own one and it worked.

I didn’t take the time to take a shower and I was very dirty from the beach with sand all over my body. But thanks to Ilanit, I have been able to take a shower in Koh Phangan. She put me in contact with Carlos; a Chilian guy that she met when she arrived in Thailand. He welcomed me and even propose me to sleep to his place because he had 2 extra beds. I told him it was OK as I will have to leave few hours after the party and I didn’t want to bother him if I was getting back late and drunk.

We went to eat in a restaurant with Antonin, Dorine, Melanie, as well as Carmen and Oscar; 2 Spanish friends of Antonin.

Then we went to paint ourselves. This is the tradition at the Full Moon. We did a funny and scary painting as you can see.

Afterwards we took some buckets; and then go to the party and took more buckets and drinks.

It was crazy and awesome.

However, in the middle of the night, we were on a bench a bit far from the party and someone came discretly and stole the jacket of Carmen, the Spanish girl, where she had money, key, and chinese cigarettes.

We went to look for the suspect, found a bungalow with Thai people who said it was not them and they did not see anything. We then checked around and didn’t see anyone or anything else.

Then, we came back to the bungalow and Carmen recognised her chinese cigarettes in their bungalow, so we were sure it was them. She found the jacket outside with the keys, but the money had disappeared.

We then came to the bungalow, asked for the money and the guys were still arguing it was not them. They asked me to go out and then started to be agressive so we started to fight and I throw one of them outside the bungalow, but the other one pulled up a knife and wanted to stab me… I tried to resonate him and he put down the knife but was still a bit agressive.

Finally, they gave only a part of the money back but not everything and we decided to go because it was not worth to take too much risk for 1000 Bahts.

This is to tell you to be careful and to bring only a small amount of money with you when you go to the Full Moon Party.

I learnt afterwards that these people are part of a mafia and can be dangerous. They take advantage of drunk tourists to steal their belongings. And it is not the police which will help you of you get some problem with them…

Anyway, afterwards, we forgot about it and carried on the party. Antonin was very drunk as well as me and I fall asleep on a bench on the beach in the early morning.

Day 18:

I got woked up by some guys who thought I was too drunk and I needed water. I was OK and moved to eat somewhere.

I went to a restaurant and I randomly met a chinese girl who talked to me before I fall asleep on the beach.

She was with a couple who were about to travel to India, so I gave them loads of tips because I was there only few months ago.

Then I moved to the guesthouse of Antonin to pick up my bag and it was a big mission to take it back:

The owner was not keen at all that I come upstairs in the room, so he went to look for Antonin (we thought he was sleeping), but he was surprisingly not there and my bus was leaving in 30 minutes.

So I asked to go upstairs to verify and yeah, he was not here. And the owner of the guesthouse wouldn’t allow me to take my own bag with me as it was according to him the property of his guest and he didn’t know me. I even told him that my passport was inside and it was a proof to take my bag but he didn’t want to listen to me.

Fortunately, Oscar, the Spanish guy who was also sleeping in this guesthouse told the owner that he knew me and that it was OK so I managed to get my bag back, to run to the agency and catch a minibus to take the ferry afterwards. I paid 950 Bahts for the transfer to the Pier, the ferry, and a bus to bring me to Bangkok.

This was not the best idea I have had: I was hangover; all the people in the ferry aswell, and it was extremely full and I couldn’t sit anywhere properly.

I randomly saw Ilanit, who was going to Surat Thani aswell in order to catch a bus to go to a place that I planned to go to, but the time did not allow me to do it.

We then tried to talk about the party but I was too tired and fall asleep. We also had to change from one boat to another 2 times, which was pretty annoying.

Then I had to take a bus, and we said bye bye with Ilanit, but the bus stopped somewhere and I saw her again, her bus stopped at the same place. It was quite funny. So we ate together and then she took another bus while I had to wait 4 hours for my one to go.

I finally jumped in the bus and had a long way to Khao San Road in Bangkok where I arrived on the next morning, and I took another bus on the same day to reach Chiang Mai.

Koh Tao

Day 14:

After a few hours in the ferry I arrived in Koh Tao and was very tired and hungry. But I went first to find a room and found a room for me for 350 Bahts near the pier.

Then; I straight went to rent a motocross that I have seen before: a Kawasaki 150cc which is awesome to ride in Koh Tao.

I went to the North East of the island where there is a viewpoint and you can see the island of Yuang Nuang from there.

I went in some paths around the island and it was awesome.

I went through a guesthouse located on Sairee Beach and watched the sunset there. It is a very cool beach as it is beautiful with these original palm trees. There is also a good atmosphere with loads of young people in front of the bars on the beach drinking and partying there for the sunset. Indeed, there is a bar called the Sunset bar where the atmosphere is awesome.

Then I went to the streets near Sairee Beach where I found a some nice places to eat and I came back to the room to get some rest and talk with the owner of the guesthouse to know which places I should go to see on the next day.

Day 15:

I was feeling less tired so I decided to move to a hostel near by in the aim to meet new people.

I left my backpack there and moved with the motocross in the direction of Shark Bay; which is supposed to be one of the best beach of Koh Tao.

On the way; I stopped to a resort which has a beach in front of the place where you can do some cliff diving.

I went to do some snorkeling there and it was really nice. I saw various fishes of different colors and nice corals.

I left the beach and went to do some motocross in the paths around there.

Then I decided to move and go to Shark Bay. On the way, I stopped in a restaurant where you can have an amazing view on the beach. There, I met some english guys with who I ate and discuss. We planned to see each other again for snorkeling and to have some drinks, but in the end, I couldn’t make it.

After eating, I went down by the rocks, and went to swim and snorkle in Shark Bay. Unfortunately, I didn’t spot any sharks or turtles, but I saw loads of fishes I have never seen before and it was amazing.

I then decided to go to Aow Leuk Bay which was supposed to be one of the best beach of the island. However, the weather started to be bad and the sea agitated. Then I didn’t go to swim there and just went to see around. The bay was small but I am sure that it can be good when the weather is great.

The last one I did was Hin Wong Bay but the weather was really bad so I didnt enjoy it.

I could not go to see Mango Bay as the rain started to be heavy and I had to return the motocross by 4pm.

After returning the bike, I have had the bad surprise to see that the bike rental person tried to scam me: At the beginning, when I rent the bike, he shown me a list of crazy prices to pay in case I brake something in the bike. When I came back, the bike was in perfect condition. But the owner of the shop started to show me a little scratch on a sticker that you cannot even see and which was probably here before I rent the bike. He eventually tried to charge me for that but he understood that I was not going to pay for that and gave me my passport back. The worst thing is that when I gave back the bike, it was raining a lot and when he took it to check it, it was slippery and he almost dropped it and scratch everything but I was there to take the bike before it falls. So be careful where you rent a bike in Koh Tao and ask information to people before to rent. I rent a scooter in another place on the next day where they are honest: It is located in the street of the pier (when you arrive, go on the left and go to the tour agency and rent a bike shop located just before the main junction where you have a 7/11 shop.

Anyway, after this adventure, it was raining a lot so I just went to the hostel and took some rest until the rain calmed down.

I then went down and met some German and American people with who I had some drinks. And randomly; Loris (the French guy that I met in Kanchanaburi and that we already met randomly there) just appeared.

Surprisingly, he was staying in the same hostel than me and was also in the same room, which was very funny.

So we went in the town near Sairee beach to have some food and drinks. We went to the Sunset Bar and the atmosphere was crazy. There is a big swimming pool with a place to jump or dive, some activities with fire where the bartenders give you free shots, people dancing with fire and so on.

There, we met Yann and his girlfriend; couple of French guys from north of France who were amazing. We had some tequila shots with them and ended up quite drunk. It was a good night and we ended up very late despite Loris started diving at 9am on the next day.

Day 16:

I woke up a bit late and hangover from the last night. I decided to move from this hostel and find another place near Shark Bay, to join the English guys I met the day before.

I was walking for around 20 minutes with my backpack in the direction of Shark Bay and I met Olly and Ilanit, a French girl and a German guy who were walking with their bag looking for a nice guesthouse aswell.

I then joined them but we had to stop because the rain started to be heavy again. It is normally not the rainy season in December but the weather is quite fucked up these days, so you cannot really rely on it.

Actually, Olly already had a place to stay and was just accompanying Ilanit. So we went to have lunch all together, and we took a nice wood bungalow with Ilanit with view on the sea for only 500 Bahts so 250 each. We had a balconee, 3 beds and a nice bathroom. This guesthouse is called Blue Fish or something like that if I remember, and it is located after the Tropicana Guesthouse when you come from the Pier in the direction of Shark Bay.

We then met Olly and walked up to Shark Bay. We went through a resort which was amazing but it was around 6000 Bahts a night, not in our budget lol.

Even if the weather was crap and that it was raining, Shark Bay was still amazing and very clear to do some snorkeling.

We were feeling good inside the water seeing many awesome fishes but when we came out…. it was really cold and raining heavilly. We tried to wait for a while under a bungalow but it kept being worst. So we decided to leave anyway and got very wet. When we reached the main road, the ran stopped for a while but the roads were like swimming pools.

We arrived in our room when we noticed that we didn’t have hot shower and we were very cold. We asked the girl from the reception to pay extra to get hot shower but she was not keen to help us and gave us the only option to change the room which was more than double of the price.

We then asked our neighbours if we could come to their place to take a hot shower and they were more than happy to help us. It was a couple of people from Belgium who were very nice. We ended up staying an hour or 2 with them before to go for dinner and we discussed about our travels. It was a shame we did not see them back afterwards because they were very cool.

After a dinner, we went to the High Bar which was a bar located at the top of a hill where you have an amazing view of the sea and the island.

As the name, everyone is also High here and the barmans serve you with an enormous joint in their mouth which is quite funny. You can order joints, shishas, cocktails and so on there.

We came back early as Ilanit had her leg which was hurting. She falled on a rock in the afternoon and was kind of hurt.

She originally planned to go with me at the nearby island on the next day, but she couldn’t because of her feet.

Day 16:

I woke up early and rushed to the pier by walk to go to the island. You can book with Lomprayah or go with any agencies as the price and the service are similar. The boat ticket return and the entrance fee in the island costs 300 Bahts overall.

I arrived at the pier and discovered that the boat was leaving at 10.30am. The boat is going only at this time of the day and you can come back at 1pm or 4pm.

When I was waiting, it started to rain a lot and I almost cancelled the trip. Finally I decided to go anyway and I was glad I did it. We were only 5 people in the boat and because of the weather there was not too much people on the island compared to a sunny day; so it was great.

I met Draco on the way to go there, a Slovakian man who was leaving to Canada. He was very nice and we started to go up to the viewpoint together after walking between the thin layer of sand between the sea.

Even with the bad weather, the view from up is still amazing. And we actually got lucky because the sun started to show up a little bit at some points.

When we came down, we took some sunbeds and we went to do some snorkeling.

For me, it was the best place to see sea life. I saw a lot of colorful fishes from all the sizes.

I still did not see any sharks or turtles but a girl I met saw a turtle and recorded a video of it.

However; Draco went to get some bread and we went to feed the fishes. It was incredible as they were all coming next to us to eat some bread.

The water was crystal blue and when the sun appeared. It was even more amazing.

Afterwards, I tried to put an Oreo in my mouth and went under water. All the fishes came to eat it so I saw them at the closest point. Some of them even bite my lips; it was funny.

After having loads of fun on this island, we came back to Koh Tao and I crossed the path of Yann and his girlfriend who were going to another place in Thailand in the evening.

I went to eat and play pool table in a bar with Yann. Then I met Loris, Ilanit and Olly and we went to have a meal near Sairee beach. It was Christmas Eve so we had a massive meal. I also rent a scooter for the next day for 200 Bahts (24h)

Unfortunately, the rain started to be crazy and in less than an hour, the whole street was flooded with at least 6cm of water on the road.

People were falling on the street and having scooter accidents because of some holes on the road due to the flooding.

We waited a little bit and went the 3 of us on the scooter and I brought Olly back to his place despite it was still raining a lot.

We eventually came back home safe and slept well.

Day 17:

We had breakfast and went to meet Olly who also rent a scooter.

We moved near Ao Leuk and I went to try the cliff diving at the place I went 2 days ago. The sea was really agitated due to the rain from the last night. I tried to climb up the cliff and jumped from 2 or 3 meters. And then I tried to go behind the massive rock but it was very dangerous with loads of corals around which can hurt you severely. I then went back to the coast and we moved to Shark Bay. It was becoming sunny and the beach was stunning. Unfortunately I had to leave in order to catch the boat to the pier to go to Koh Phangan where I had to join Antonin for the Full Moon Party for Christmas day. The ferry cost me 300 Bahts to go there via booking through an agency near the pier.

Koh Samui

I decided to stay 4 days in Koh Samui and Antonin decided to stay a bit more because he had time with his visa which was extended.

Day 10:

We arrived there around 10am and went to look for a room near the pier.

We found a spacious double room for 150 Bahts each which was almost in front of the Tesco supermarket and 5 minutes away walking from the pier.

We dropped our belongings and went for lunch around here.

Then we rented a scooter for 150 per day. Just be careful where you rent it because we initially rent it to a slightly cheaper place, but the scooter was not well maintained and did not brake properly, so we decided to pay a bit more to have something decent.

Then we moved to the Secret Garden located at the top of a hill. It was nice but not huge to visit, then I think it was a bit overpriced for the visit (80 Bahts) but it is still worth it.

Then, we moved to the Snake Farm before it closes where we were the only ones there.

It is normally 300 Bahts the entrance but we paid 250 Bahts each.

Even if it was a bit expensive and short visit, it was really nice and I really loved it because we had a private show for the 2 of us.

We have had the opportunity to take a giant python around our neck, and a smaller one.

We also played with black scorpions and I learnt how to take them by the tail without being stang. I put them on my t shirt and then on the face of the Thai showman. I also carried a centipede on my arm.

We then saw a King Cobra from very close and saw how rapid and agressive it could be. The man did a show with him and managed to kiss the cobra on the head which was pretty scary.

We saw crocodiles, varans and different types of snakes. We had a good time there and the interaction with the animals was good.

However, I have had the feeling that some animals don’t receive much care as a varan was not moving and seemed very sick…

When we came out, the rain started and was really heavy. So we went to the Seven Eleven shop and bought some plastic ponchos. When we drove back, the rain started to stop…

We found a market on the way back where we bought some fresh tuna fish that was cooked on the BBQ for us. It was really nice and only costs 80 Bahts for a big fish.

We continued our way and went to have some food in the night market near the pier. The street food is very nice there and you will have the opportunity to try loads of new foods.

Then we came back to sleep early as we booked a tour to Koh Wua Talap island on the next day.

Day 11:

We woke up early and rushed to the pier to give our scooter back and to take the boat for our tour to Koh Wua Talap island, a place that my cousin really advised me as you can have an amazing view from the top of the island.

Unfortunately, because of the bad weather; they cancelled the tour.

We then took the scooter again and decided to see the Namuang waterfalls.

We started with the Namuang Waterfall 2:

When you arrive, you park and you can decide to go there by walk which is only a 10 minutes walk, or go by jeep for 100 Bahts per person. We chose to walk there and saw some funny elephants on the way.

Then there is a small trek to reach the waterfall which is very nice and where you have to pass by small bamboo bridges. We walked at the top of the waterfall and it was very nice. If you go on the left and take this path like us, there is no entrance fee to go to the waterfall.

Then, we were looking for some slides that I saw on internet which seemed pretty good.

To access the slides, you have to go on the right side where you have to pay 50 Bahts to see the same waterfall that on the right side but on a different angle.

The slides seemed good but overpriced as just one go was 100 Bahts per person. So we decided to go to see the waterfall from the other angle as we had paid 50 Bahts already anyway.

But there; we discovered a path which was going up with ropes everywhere, so we followed it and discovered that it was a kind of Via Ferrata. We did it and it was just amazing and I was glad that we came here and paid 50 Bahts for that. The view at the top is just amazing and the path to go up is good and challenging at some points. 

Then, we came down and head to the Namuang Waterfall 1 with a couple of Russian guys that we met on the way back down.

This waterfall was good fun as it was quite late when we arrived and nobody was there.

Bear in mind that you have to pay for parking there but it is only 20 Bahts.

There is a large space to swim in there and the water is deep enough. I jumped from the rocks and we went to put out head under the falls; it was good fun.

Then, we got back and went to eat at the market near the pier again. We postponed the trip to Koh Wua Talap on the following day so we went to sleep early again.

Day 12:

Again, we woke up early and rushed to the pier and once again, the trip was cancelled because of the weather.

We then decided to forget about Koh Wua Talap and to go to Chaweng instead, where it is good for the parties.

On our way, we stopped in Lamai where we went to play badminton in a local sport centre. The owner was very nice and provided us with proper shoes, raquets and shuttles. However, Antonin won the games all the times so I was kind of upset lol. Next time would be the revenge ! It was only 75 Bahts and we could even take shower afterwards and use the gym there.

We then moved to Chaweng looked for the perfect accomodation. After looking at many places; we found a nice one for 250 Bahts each for a nice and clean double room with terasse.

Afterwards, we went to eat a nice falafel burger in an Israelian restaurant and went in the streets of Chaweng to look around.

We stopped in another restaurant to take some extra food and we then moved to the Ark Bar Beach Club where we took some beers there. The atmosphere was really cool and loads of foreign people were there partying.

We then came back not too late because we booked a fishing tour which started early in the morning for 900 Bahts.

Day 13:

We woke up early and got picked up by the minivan to bring us to the pier in order to take the boat.

The sea was a bit agitated so more than half of the people decided to stop just after less than 1 hour of fishing.

I was a bit disappointed because we couldn’t go far away to fish big ones because of the agitated sea from the previous rainy days.

However; we all got some fishes including a snapper for me.

The lunch was very nice as we got prawns, chicken, and grilled fish as well as homemade french fries and vegetables. Also, soft drinks were included as well as snacks and fruits.

Then we stopped the boat after lunch and played in the water with the slide behind the boat.

We also took some snorkles but didnt see anything as the water was not clear because of the sea condition again.

However, we saw a desertic island a bit further and decided to reach it by swimming. It was really nice as nobody was there and we could climb up the bended palm trees and take some nice shots with the camera.

We then came back to the boat and continued to fish a little bit but around 3.30pm, we came back to the pier.

I decided to go to see the 2 famous beaches of Koh Samui on my own as my friend was tired and had time to see them later.

I started with Crystal Bay, then I saw Coral Cove. It is really nice to swim there.

We rest a little bit and we went to have dinner in the a place where they had loads of different local foods.

We stopped at the 7/11 shop to take some drinks for the night where we decided to go partying.

After drinking in our terasse, we went to the partying area of Chaweng and went to different bars and clubs such as the Green Mango which was quite nice as well as a bar in front of it where you can do shisha and where the music is great.

I went back earlier than my friend because I had to catch a ferry to Koh Tao on the next day at 10am to the pier which was located 40 minutes away from Chaweng.

Day 14:

Obviously, I was hangover and I did not wake up at the right time. It was almost 9.30am and I just woke up.

So I took all my things ready in less than 10 minutes and I moved to the pier with the motorbike as fast as possible.

I arrived there 10 minutes late but I got very lucky as the boat was not gone yet. So I gave back  the scooter and run to the harbour and caught the boat to Koh Tao which cost me 450 Bahts.

From Bangkok To The Islands

We arrived in Bangkok from Ayutthaya in the evening around 8pm.

Day 8:

We decided to go to sleep near Khao San Road and the American guy followed us.

We took a tuktuk from Hua Lompong station to Khao San for 40 Bahts each (120 in total) and our tuktuk driver was awesome. Another tuktuk with tourists was next to us and they were going to Khao San too. So we suggest to the tuktuk guy to do a race. He bet 20 Bahts with the other tuktuk guy and they started to drive very fast in the streets of Bangkok. It was very funny, and on the top of that, we won the race.

We found a guesthouse for 185 Bahts each the night for a double room near Khao San road.

We were quite tired so we did not get out at night.

Day 9:

We spent the day resting in Bangkok and going around. Antonin went to extend his visa while I went to meet some people near Lumpini.

I bought a simcard to get internet on my phone and it was really worth it as the network is very good in Thailand, even in some rural areas. I paid 500 Bahts for unlimited internet for 30 days + 20 minutes of phonecalls. I bought it in a phone shop in Khao San road.

Then I came back in the evening and we booked a trip to Koh Tao with an agency.

We took it at the last moment so everything was fully booked. We then had to pay a bit of extra: 850 Bahts for the bus and the ferry. You can find the same for 700 Bahts even in the high season.

However, be careful and confirm by where the bus is going. Take one which goes to Chumphon to take the boat and not all the way to Surat Thani if you go to Koh Tao.

Indeed; in my case, I wont recommend at all the agency that we used because the man who sold us the trip lied to us. He said it was more expensive as the bus was stopping us straight to Chumphon and in that case, we would have arrived at 3am and had to wait until 7am to get the boat which would have taken 3 hours to reach Koh Tao, so we should have been there by 10am.

Day 10:

What happened is that the bus went to Surat Thani and we were still in the bus at 7am.

We arrived at the port of Surat Thani at 8.30am and twe had to wait until 11am to get a speedboat which was going through Koh Samui and Koh Phangan before Koh Tao; so we would have arrived there not before 1pm which was not what we wanted.

We then asked to change our route and go to Koh Samui instead with the next ferry.

At 9am, we were in the ferry and it took us 2 hours to reach Koh Samui.

We then asked to


Day 7:

We arrived there around 4pm and went straight to find a guesthouse to put our bags before to go walking to see some monuments and temples before sunset. We found a guesthouse for 125 Bahts each the night and the room was nice.

We tried to find the historical place and we asked a guy. He told us to jump on his scooter and brought us there.

We saw the head of the Bouddha which was carved inside a tree.

We also saw many ruins around here and saw the sunset before to go to eat somewhere.

Then we came back in the aim to wake up early on the next day to take a bicycle and visit as much as possible in one day.

Day 8:

After eating, we took the bicycles in the morning and went around for the whole day.

It was very good as the city is very flat with no hills and you can then see a lot in one day.

You should take a map with you and point the monuments you want to visit and create your own route as it would be difficult to see every single temple in one day.

We started with an impressive pagoda and took a coconut to a nice man and his wife for only 25 Bahts. He asked us to sit with him and we tried to have a bit of conversation. He was really nice.

We saw many important ones such as the giant sleeping Bouddha, or the one where you have chickens statues everywhere as you can see on the pictures.

We ate a very nice meal with squid in a small restaurant away from the touristic places.

Then we carried on and saw the temple which reminds Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

We went around the streets to join another temple and found the cheapest watermelon of our whole trip in Asia. 10 Bahts for a full watermelon which was also the tastier I tried. It was well worth a picture.

We passed by some markets where we tried different kind of food such as an onion cake, or some sushis.

Afterwards, we continued our way with the bicycle and went near the temples where are located the elephants.

We stopped near them and they were very friendly and funny; especially when we gave them some watermelon.

We passed by the train station to take our train ticket for Bangkok and here again we had the cheapest deal. Only 15 Bahts for the train ticket for a journey of 1h30.

We then gave the bicycles back, took some food and moved in tuktuk to the train station with an american guy.

They have some nice food at the station and it is very cheap. You can get some bamboo sticky rice for only 10 Bahts.

In the train, the journey was nice and fast and we met a french girl who was also travelling and going to Bangkok to stay in her uncle’s place.

To resume, Ayutthaya was very nice and worth the visit in bike. It was also very cheap there for sleeping, eating, and to rent a bike (40 Bahts a day).


Day 5:

Kanchanaburi was the next step of this journey in Thailand where we planned to stay 3 days.

We left Bangkok in the morning with Dorine, Melanie and Antonin and we took the taxi for a 3 hours journey to Kanchanaburi. We paid 1200 in total, so 300 Bahts each which is not bad. If you travel alone, it would be much better and cheaper to take the train from Hua Lompong station or the bus at the Morchit station.

When we arrived there, we found many guesthouses on the main road, and we took the perfect option for us: a wood bungalow for 2 persons in front of the river Kwai and with a nice swimming pool. We took 2 bungalows and each person paid 200 Bahts, which was a great deal. You can find cheaper but this one is very good and worth the extra money you pay. I cannot remember the name of the guesthouse but it is on the road where the Jelly Frog hostel is located (it is the place which was advised by some German people we met in Khao Yai and which costs 100 Bahts per person for a night, but it is probably not as good as the one we found.

After taking some rest and having fun in the swimming pool, we went to eat in a place where we had good laugh with the owners of the place so we had some chats with them and we played pool table together.

We then went to see the River Kwai bridge, which is the emblem of the town. We randomly met Loris on the way to go, a guy who spent some time in Chiang Mai with Antonin. He then came with us. It was very nice for the sunset as the view on the river is beautiful. You can also see the old train passing by. The place is also a centre of attraction with a place where you can get different kinds of streetfoods and things to buy.

We then went to rent some motorbikes in order to go to Erawan National Park on the jext day, which is located 1 hour away from Kanchanaburi and which is the main reason why we came to Kanchanaburi. Then, we came back early after eating

Day 6:

We left around 8am in order to arrive at the Erawan National Park around 9am as it is when it opens. Indeed, it is good to go early to avoid the crowds.

The road to go there was beautiful.

The entrance costs 300 Bahts. You can also do some camping there with all the material provided and they also have some bungalows instead of tents.

I took some food in the market which is just before the waterfall but you can also take some food inside. The bamboo sticky rice is very nice inside.

You will start with the first level of waterfalls (There are 7 levels so it can take you a full day if you enjoy swimming inside and see everything)

You can go up until the third level where the waterfall is very amazing and one of the most famous but also quite crowded when it comes around 12 noon as many people do picknic there as there are some bamboo benches to sit and the landscape is awesome. Then, be sure that you go there early if you want to see the waterfall without lany people around. Tip: Avoid to come during Thai or Chinese holidays and to come over the weekend.

Then, all the other levels are amazing and the paths to go there are awesome. You can sometimes choose and take some offtrack paths which are very nice. Be careful after the level 4, we took a offroad track indicated and thought it was going up to the next waterfall, but it went somewhere else and we had to go up everything again even though this path was really nice.

We went up again and started to put our feets in the water at the level 4 or 5. The water was amazing and there are some lagoons where you can spot some soft water crabs.

We continued our way and went to the last waterfall to join Antonin and Dorine who were already there since a while.

The waterfall 7 is at the top and it is very nice. There are some “sticky rocks” where you can go up and down in the waterfall and it is gripping and not slippery. As in the level 3, you can get a free fish SPA as loads of fishes are present in the water and hindreds come to eat your dead skin if you stay there without moving.

The last one is probably the most beautiful and the most special.

On the way down, I met some french people who met us afterwards in Kanchanaburi.

The way down was good. I said to my friends to dont wait for me and I stopped in different places to admire the countryside.

Then, we organised to eat with many people we met on the way and it was cool.

We took some shooters in a bar called: Get drunk for 10 Bahts where you have many shooters at this price. It was fun.

We then went to the swimming pool all together and had some drinks there. We ended up sleeping a bit late.

Day 7:

We started the day by taking some rest and swimming in the pool with Antonin and 2 Deutch girls that we met in Erawan.

Then, we went to eat and decided to go to Ayutthaya whereas Dorine and Melanie thought about going to Krabi in the South.

We then booked a minivan at the last moment and waited in the swimming pool waiting for it to pick us up. It was 400 Bahts for the trip. It was easier for us rather to come back to Bangkok and then take another train to Ayutthaya.

In the van, we met a couple of French people which were very nice and we talked to them during the whole journey and the 3 hours trip flew.

We arrived in Ayutthaya when it was still day time.