Boracay is a small island located at the North of the Visayas Islands.

It is very reputed thanks to its paradisiac landscapes and its nightlife.

Indeed, even if the island is small, there is a lot to do there as you can see on the following map:


There are loads of nice islands and beaches to see around there, and it is possible to, rent a boat for 1000 pesos to do the tour. Maybe I should consider doing that during a half day.

These are the main beaches to see while doing this trip:

Puka Shell Beach:

It is good to avoid to go there in the end of the afternoon because all the tour boats finish by this place. If you want to spend time without many people there, it is good to go in the morning for instance.

It is a nice place to see soft corals and fishes and relax on the powdery white sand to have some food thanks to the small stalls around which will provide you with nice things to eat.


White Beach:

A bit more crowded than the previous one but still amazing. The color of the sand seems to be really white and the water crystal blue.  It is located in the boat station 1 as you can see on this map:


On the Area 2, this is the same beach but it is the Nightlife zone, so I will go there in the evening. In the Area 3, it is the development section, It might be worth to have a look when I go to this island.


Just at the North of White Beach, there is also Diniwid Beach which is a little quieter. It might be worth to go there while I spend the day on White Beach in order to relax and drink a cocktail.

Ariel’s Point:

Not located on Boracay island but in the North of Iloilo which is just next to Boracay, it is a very recommended place to see as we can jump and dive from some platforms and it looks awesome.

I can use this company who provides nice tours there. Otherwise, it is just located 30 minutes away by boat from White Beach.

With the tour operator, it costs like 2000 pesos or 40 euros but you have lunch, you can do kayaking, they pick you up from your hotel, you have unlimited drinks, and you stop in some places for snorkeling. So lets see if it is worth.

I really want to jump from all the different platforms. They have 5 and the highest is 15 meters.

Here is a small video to give you an idea of how amazing this place is 🙂

Bocaray’s Nightlife:

This island is THE ONE in the Philippines for party. Then, this is a Nightlife Guide to choose where to go to enjoy the nights.


Luho Mount:

This is a nice place to have a 360 degrees view of the island. I can choose a tour which is providing you with ATV’s to go up and then a trek to go at the peak.

It is located on the East side of the Island and this is how it looks like at the top:


The cool thing is that there is a Zipline to go down which is amazing. However, there are 2 different tours to this place and one of them bring you to a place which is not the authentic one, so I need to be careful while booking it.

For the rest of the time, I will just look around, maybe rent a scooter and visit the island. I will see on the spot but I will have some time as I am planning to stay 5 days there 🙂