This will be the way we will visit this place:

Jodhpur is the second biggest town of the Rajasthan after Jaipur.

The particularity of this town is that most of the houses are blue, hence it is also called the Blue Town. It has been painted like that to indicate that the people who own the houses are part of the Brahmans Cast.

On the top of that, this color is good against the heat of the sun and against mosquitos.

The Town:

Then, the main activity will be to visit the town itself which looks very special:



Mehrangarh Fort:

Then it will be interesting to see the fort at the top of the town to have the best view on the whole city and take some pictures. Indeed, this 122 meters fort called the magnificent fort is not only good for the view as we can see a beautiful palace inside it.



Sardar bazar:

There, we will find all kind of homemade products and specialities from the Rajasthan. It is located in several small streets and takes place from 11.30 am until the end of the afternoon. Maybe it will be nice to stop there to buy a small souvenir from the region such as Rajasthani textiles or silver jewelry.



Clock Tower:

And then, just next to the bazar is located the clock tower which reminds Big Ben in the UK. It will be nice to see it as we will just be next to it.




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