This is where I will land when I will arrive in Borneo.

Again, loads of things to see there but I will have to make some choices.

Here is a plan of the different things I would like to see:

Semenggoh Nature Reserve:

This is a natural reserve in Kuching where we can have the privilege to see Orang Outangs in freedom.

It is advised to arrive at the entrance of the park around 8.30am in order to be here when the monkeys come to get some food. From Kuching, it is possible to take a bus which costs 4 RM. Otherwise, it is also possible to go there in the afternoon.

It is not guaranteed to see them but with a bit of luck I will definitely give it a go.


Bako National Park:

Then on the same day, it might be possible to spend time in the Bako National Park. It is apparently very nice, and they have some guesthouse there in the jungle. To get there, I have to take the bus and then a boat. It is not possible to swim for now because there is a big croc around and it might be dangerous. Loads of animals and bugs around too.

It is interesting to spend a night there but the facilities are very basic and not that clean. The restaurant is expensive and nothing special but the treks in the jungle and the waterfalls are worth and also the opportunity to see the sunset.


The cool thing is that there is apparently a night trek from 9pm. It should be awesome to do it. However there are not any cash machine there so I will have to make sure I have cash before I arrive to the place.

Fairy Caves:

This is a very big cave near Kuching. The entrance is free of charge but the place is stunning

It is located 1 hour away from Kuching.

It is advised to take good shoes and a head lamp for the best experience.


To eat in Kuching, I heard about the food court called top spot seafood corner. And it is a must go. They are doing these baby lobsters with butter sauce and it costs around 5 euros but it is apparently awesome.