Also located at the South of Cebu Island, this place is famous to visit its different waterfalls. This will then be a waterfall trek day.

Aguinid Falls:

There are the most famous falls there.

The cool thing is that there are 6 levels of falls there and the aim is to do a hike. You can actually hike through the falls which is amazing. The entrance fee is 40 pesos and you get some guides to show you around, which is amazing. You should tip these guides because they are volunteers and they are apparently extremely nice people.

On level 4, it is possible to jump from the waterfall which looks awesome.

This is the site:




Binalayan Hidden Waterfalls:

This is also a great fall to see during the day. This is located only 5 minutes ride from the Agunid next to the village of Barangay.


People also  call it the Triple Drop Falls.

Dao Waterfalls:

These waterfalls can be reached doing a 45 minutes trek which is apparently very cool. The path to go there is nice with a bamboo bridge.

This is also a 20 or 40 pesos fee when you want to go and you have some guides with you.



Inambakan Falls:

This will be the last one to see. A very nice one too and not very well known. I can hire a Habal-habal driver (scooter driver) and some people advised this guy which can also be a guide to the falls: Noel: (632) 9323584544

Here is the beauty of the place: