New Delhi is the capital of India and the second most populated town in India. On the top of that, the Delhi agglomeration is the second biggest town in the world in terms of populations (25 millions people living in the area)

With the numerous historical monuments and temples, I think that is is worth to stay 2 days in New Delhi and see what my friend will prepare as a tour. Indeed, he is from Delhi and should know a lot about it.



Thanks to Air India, we will get from Mumbai to New Delhi by plane for less than 50 euros. However, my friend told me that he knows some Low cost Indian airways companies which are even cheaper. I will keep you updated about it soon.

The following map show the itinerary that we will follow in New Delhi. We are planning to visit this place in  2 days.

Day 1: Chandni Chowk / Jama Masjid / Red Fort / Gurudwara Bangla Sahib / India’s Gate

Day 2: Swaminarayan temple / Humayun’s Tomb / Lodi Garden / Qutub Minar / Lotus Temple


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