31st October 2015 (Full Day)

This will be the second stop before Kochi. I will only stay a day there in order to see one good friend who is living here and who was at school with me when I was doing my Bachelor at the ESC Saint-Etienne in France.

I will arrive there very early in the morning around 7:30 am and will have to leave on the same day at 8 pm.

I know already Dubaï as I visited it in the beginning of the year 2015. I will just try to do things that I have missed but I will be very limited in time so I need to make some choices.


I was thinking about the following plan for the day:

Morning Desert Safari:

This is the thing that I really wanted to do the last time that i came in Dubaï.


My friend will then try to find a tour which organise that.

The problem is that the tours are picking up people around 8am, and it takes about 1h or 1h30 to get out of the airport. On the top of that; tour companies cannot pick up people in the airport. However; they have the right to pick up people at the closest hotel which is the MILLENNIUM AIRPORT HOTEL / PREMIERE INN AIRPORT HOTEL which is located as the following compared to the airport.

We will then ask them if they can wait until I can get there or if they can pick up other people first and pick us up at the last moment maybe.

The Morning Desert Safari looks very cool. With the company Functors for example, it costs 600 AED per car (6 persons max) or 200 AED by sharing the car with other people.

The trip starts with Dune Bashing which looks fun:


Then you can do some camel ride in the desert:


And the next cool thing about this trip is the sand surfing; something that I would really like to try:

Sandboarding skakopmund

Hatta Mountains:

Then I wanted to combine this activity to the visit of the Hatta Mountains which interested me even more than the Desert Safari but I got the information that most tours are not providing it at the moment as they are very strict at the Hatta boarder and they sometimes don’t let visitors come in.

But I would love to find a deal and be able to do that in order to go with a 4×4 in the mountains and enjoy my time and refresh in the natural swimming pools there:


Within the tour; they also provide a go in the local villages around, which is pretty amazing.  This is the case with the Hatta Heritage Village as you can see:

DXB Hatta Heritage Village - watchtower with palm-tree 5340x3400

If we cannot do the Hatta mountains, We will just go to have lunch in the centre of Dubai and visit a few interesting things which we still have to define.

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