Ayutthaya was the former capital of Thailand and the ex Kingdom of Siam.

To get there from the Khao Yai National Park, I will have to get back to Pakchong and take the train in the direction of Bangkok. It will stop to Ayutthaya. It is advised to book the ticket in advance as this line is very busy.

There we can find some ruins which are interesting to see. It is good to use boats and bicycles in order to reach all the monuments. Otherwise, it is possible to rent a scooter in order to visit the things quicker. I might opt for this alternative as I want to stay just a day, and maybe the night here.

The other solution would be to rent a tuk-tuk with a driver for the day. Generally they charge from 350 to 600 Bahts for 3 hours. I will take this option if I am rushing and want to arrive in Lopburi on the same day in the evening.

To get there, I will have to get to the rail station in North Bangkok and get a bus there to Ayutthaya. It is only 1h30 away and it costs 70 Bahts.

Historical Park of Ayutthaya:

There are loads of things to visit in the town. I really want to see the ruins of the city that you can see on this picture below:



We can also see the Wat Chaiwattanarm behind, which is one of the most important temple to visit and which costs only 50 Bahts to visit.

Also, on the same complex, the head of Buddha located in the middle of this special tree is a must see. It is called the Wat Phra Mahthat:



The Wat Yai Chai Mang Khon:

This is also a famous place to see, where we can see the Buddha sleeping statue as well as multitude of statues decorated with the yellow scarves:



There are so many other things to see in the town and if I manage my time properly, I think I will have time to do everything in a day getting there early.

The best thing to do when I will arrive there is to get a map of the town such as the following one to see where are the places to visit:


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