Boarder Crossing

I will have 2 alternatives to cross the boarder to get in Thailand from Battambang:

OPTION 1 – Phsar Prum:

This place is located less than 2 hours away from Battambang and it is a really quiet passage point.

The good thing with this option is that we can stop to Pailin which is a nice place to see with its monument called Phnom Yat, its waterfalls, and thanks to the opportunity to find some gemstones there…


To cross the boarder, it is good to note that officers are generally asking for a proof that you will get out of the territory within the 30 days you are allowed to stay if you are French. Then I will book a ferry from Thailand to Malaysia in advance to don’t have any issues and this is how I will process:

Ferries are operating from Koh Lipe (Thaï Island) to Langkawi (Malaysian Island) until the 30th April. Then we will leave Koh Lipe at the right time on the 7th April.

The Thaï company Tigerline is operating the transfer as well as the Malaysian company Telaga Terminal which is less expensive (128 Malaysian Ringgint =  25 euros against 1260 Bahts = 30 euros for the Thaï company)

It is good to take this boarder crossing point if you want to go to Koh Chang island. This is where I am planning to start.

OPTION 2 – Poipet:

Poipet will be the famous passage point to get back to Thailand.

From Battambang, I will have to take a bus which takes approximately 3 hours to get to the boarder.

The tickets costs between 3 and 4 dollars depending if you take it from a travel agency or from the station.

Capitol Tours are good because they have 2 buses per day for Poipet: 7:45am and 12 noon.

There is nothing to see in Poipet, then we will go straight to the boarder and reach Thailand.

However, I have to put a big WARNING here ! People who are specialists of the tourists scams. Many scams are reported everyday and the corruption is part of that. The police officers are also corrupted and can try to scam you as well as the people driving the Tuk Tuk, or the people claiming they are providing original Visa and so on.

Then I will have to be careful and try to don’t get scammed. Anyway from Cambodia to Thailand, I don’t have to make a Visa as I have an exemption for 30 days.

The best thing to do there if we cannot go straight to Koh Chang is to take a Tuk Tuk (80 Baths) to the train station of Aranyaprathet and catch a train to Bangkok, or near Trat if possible.

UPDATE: I will probably choose the first option and cross the boarder at Phsar Prum and not Poipet as Phsar Prum is less touristic and closer to Trat (Thaïland)