After the visit of the Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park; I will have to find a bus which will bring me straight to Pakchong, which is the place to enter to the Khao Yai National Park and where I am planning to stay for 2 days.


Once I will arrive in Pakchong, I will have to rent a scooter in order to get to the heart of the park (1h30 of drive) and be totally free. There is a Honda dealer in front of the bus station and it costs 300 Bahts for a day for a scooter. Also, petrol is only 30 Bahts the liter.

The park entrance costs 400 Bahts.

This park is worth a visit as it is classified as one of the most beautiful park in the world. There; we can observe more than 2000 species of plants and the place is full of wild animals such as tigers, bears, wapitis, calaos, crocodiles, and approximately 300 wild elephants. I will just have to be careful with leeches. Check this small video to get an idea of the place:

There are also some nice waterfalls there where we can refresh and rest for a bit:



For most of the treks, I will have to go with one of the rangers because it might be dangerous on my own in the jungle.

When I will arrive I will have to go to the Visitor Centre in order to get informations and maps about the different possible treks.

I found a map which is showing the different paths that you can take:



The idea would be to go with a ranger a choose a long trek where we can sleep in the jungle and continue the journey on the next day.

Otherwise, we can find some bungalows in the jungle near the Visitor Centre which costs 560 Bahts a night with hot shower, toilets and a fan.






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