This will be the place for diving and spearfishing.

Kanyagan Lake

Located at the North of the island, It is one of the most famous place there.

It is very good to see many different species of fishes and corals and the color of the water looks like a gem. It is composed of 30% of salty water and the rest of fresh water.

I want to get there early to avoid the crowd and spend a lot of time swimming. snorkeling and enjoying the landscape in the cleanest lake of the country.


Also you can go up a hill to get this nice view.


Barracuda Lake: 

This huge lake is located is located just on the left of the Kayangan lake. It is like its neighbor lake. This is similar as it is mainly made of fresh water at 70%. but it is bigger and deeper.


Tapyas Mount:

For the sunset, I really want to climb to the Tapyas mount which is at the North of the island. You can go up to the highest point where there is a huge cross at the top and you can watch the sunset peacefully from up there.


Siete Pecados:

On the next day, I want to go snorkeling there in the morning. This place is at the north of this island at 5 or 10 minutes from the port. It is very good to see colorful fishes and corals in a sunny morning.

To go there it is important to bring some aquashoes, snorkels, suncream, insect repellant, and drinking water.


Twin Lagoon:

This place is also very nice to see where we can access 2 beautiful lagoons.

I want to spend a part of the afternoon there at the north west of the island.


Banul Beach:

Before the sunset, I want to make sure to go to Banul Beach which is a kind of paradise beach located at the extreme north west of the island.

This is what you can expect to see:


Having a BBQ there watching the sunset would be a blast. Lets see if I can do it as well as sleeping on the beach. Maybe some tour guides are organizing that.

On the third day, I am not decided on what I want to do as there is a lot of choice still:

I will probably choose from the activities that these travelers did in Coron.

Otherwise I can go to the south in the direction of Palawan and stop to Coral Garden to see amazing sea landscape:


And then, for the lunch and the afternoon, stop to Malcapuya Island to rest before to take a boat direction El Nido.