After a quick stop in Kuta, Ubud will be a very nice place to visit with a lot more interesting things to see there.

I will probably stay in a hostel or guesthouse there to leave my bag and I will rent a scooter to visit around.

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary:

Obviously, this is something to see as it is one of the most famous thing there. This is apparently very cool to be very close to the monkeys. However I will have to be careful as they can take things from my bag or the sunglasses and so on. Some of them are very cheeky, then caution.


Campuhan Ridge Walk:

This is a walk that I don’t have to miss among the rice fields and the village.

It is good to do it in the morning to avoid the warm weather of the afternoon.

In the village, you can go to the Karsa SPA where you can get a good massage.

You can do the tour in less than 2 hours but you can choose a longer path going along the river, all depends if you have time or not. This is how the walk looks like:


Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA):

This is an opened museum which looks like a garden.



There are some very nice temples in Ubud that could be worth a visit:

Saraswati Temple is very reputed in Ubud. The entrance costs 60K RI which is about 2 euros. This is how it looks like:


Gunung Lebah Temple is a smaller one; however it has a lot of charm too. To enter in the temples, you have to get a Sarong, which is the traditional dress to come in. In some temples, they can provide it to you.



Ubud is very nice to do rafting in the heart of the jungle and many tour companies are organizing the trips  for a day. Bali Adventure Rafting looks like a great organisation but all of them seem decent. I will just have to compare the packages when I will be there but it is definitely something that I want to do.

Here is a video to give you an idea of the atmosphere there:

Tegenungan Waterfall:

Then, there is this waterfall to see which looks pretty amazing in the heart of the jungle. It looks like a nice place to refresh: