Batur is located in the province of Kintamani.

I will go there for the trek on the Mount Batur which looks completely incredible. This volcano is considered a a sacred mountain according to Hindu beliefs.


The aim is to go up from 4am in order to catch the sunrise from the top. However, I will see if it can be possible to sleep up there directly and wake up for the sunrise. It would be an amazing experience.

This trek is not easy but loads of people can do it.  No guides are needed to do it.

People advise to take the tickets from Ubud as it is cheaper. I think I will try to go straight with a scooter there.

When you arrive at the top, you have to pay 15000 RI and then you can eat there for 50000 RI if you negociate properly. Indeed, it is a priviledge to take a breakfast at the top.

In 1h30 minutes you can get to the top and enjoy the view at 1700m. However, it is cold so better to bring warm clothes.