1st May 2016 – 30th May 2016

The Philippines were one of my dream. It looks like a paradise on earth with its transparent reefs and sea life.

The objective was to leave Borneo from Sabah and take a boat to Palawan. However, as you can see, according to Ministery of Foreign Affairs, it is not safe at all from Sabah to the south of Palawan because of the problems with the terrorism (Abduction of some tourists or murders claimed by the Abu Sayyaf extremist group, and problems with some pirates)

Capture d’écran 2015-10-06 à 17.15.51

However, some events happened there, and I think that now, the zone is very controlled. Indeed, a shell doesn’t fall twice in the same place. And I mean that these extremists groups might now operate in different zones which are known to be safe at the moment, which is not making the zone more dangerous to another.

But I am not crazy and I want to avoid the danger as much as I can. Then I will see with the time how the tensions are evolving.

If it is still problematic. I won’t have the choice and I will have to take a plane from Kota Kinabalu to Manilla before to go to the North of Palawan. Indeed, there is no direct flight from the region of Sabah. Then, we will suppose that I will do that.

I checked with Skyscanner and found some flights from Kota Kinabalu to Manilla for less than 50 euros with the company AirAsia. I will have the opportunity to have a visa exemption of 30 days. However, to benefit from this exemption, I will have to show a continuation ticket, which will be a proof that I am going out of the country in less than 30 days. I will then have to book a flight prior to arrive in the direction of Indonesia.

Even if Manilla is the capital, I think that there are better things to see in the country and then, I won’t stay there.  I will withdraw money directly from the airport at the BDO Bank where I will change money there. Then I will catch another flight to get to Coron Island.

This is the plan that I want to do from there:

Coron Island: A very good island for those who love diving. I want to stop 3 days there. Flights can be found from Manilla to this island for cheap.

Palawan Island: I want to spend 10 days in this island as it is one of the most beautiful place on earth  and the landscape is amazing. I can reach by boat the place called El Nido in the North of the Island and spend 6 days around there. Then I will have to take a van and reach Puerto Princesa which is the capital of the island. I want to spend 4 days there to visit and relax. The vans leave at 5H-7H-9H-14H and the trip takes 5h30 to get to Puerto Princesa. The thing is that Palawan is very reputed, then I will have to book the guesthouses in advance prior to arrive on the site in order to catch the best deals and have the best places.

Boracay: This is another island which has some beaches which got the award winning of the most beautiful beaches on earth. I will then take a flight there from Puerto Princesa. I really want to spend 5 days there. It is also good for parties.

Malapascua Island: Located at the top of the island of Cebu, this is a small island which is a gem of our world, it will be very nice to go to spend a full day there.

Cebu: This island is located in the Visayas archipelago and we will reach it by boat. Again, loads of natural places to see in this island where it will be worth to spend 5 good days.

Bohol: This is also part of the Visayas and it is the neighbour island of Cebu. It is particularly famous thanks to the Chocolate Hills that I really want to see. I will stay to this place like 2 or 3 days before to come back to Cebu where I will take my flight to Manilla in order to leave for Indonesia.

Manilla: I think I will just stay in the airport until I get my flight to Indonesia. I will probably take my flight to Bali as the prices are reasonable. (around 115 euros).

I already know that some of you will ask me why I have not included the rice terrace in the North or the volcanos.. I really wanted to bu afterwards, I thought that as the transports are very slow in Philippines, I might rush and get stressed, which is not what I want in this country.

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