27th October 2015

During this day, I want to see the district of Sultanhamet which is not too far from the hostel as you can see and where we can do quite a lot of activities during the day.

It is only a 30 minutes walk, then we will opt for this option. It is good to admire the city and pass by the Galata Bridge.


When arrived in the district, these are the things to see:

Sainte Sophie Basilique:

This was actually a church, which has been converted into a mosque, and it is now a museum. It is interesting to see a monument like that because it is a mix between 2 religions and it is worth to see it:


The Blue Mosque:

This is also a very famous religious monument is Istanbul and it is located just in front of the Sainte Sophie Basilique. This is how it looks like:


The Grand Bazaar:

Then we will go to the Grand Bazaar which is one of the biggest in the world. It is located only 10 minutes away from Sultanahmet walking. Then it would be good to see around and grab some lunch there.



Then we will take a bus or a tram to go to Taksim in the afternoon and visit around there the places such as the famous place Taksim where it is a very young district with loads of bars and nice restaurant (where you have to negotiate the prices).


It is definitely worth to go there and walk around the narrow streets to see the markets and other places:


This place is very animated especially at night time so it might be worth to come back quickly in the hostel before to get to Taksim, have a rest and spend the night there to eat and go clubbing.