This town called the Indian Silicon Valley is the capital of the Karnataka region and is very famous. One of my Indian friend from London highly recommended me to stop there.

It is a big town with loads of things to do there and I am limited on time as I am only staying a month in the country. Also, I am not that much attracted by the big town and I prefer to visit some small picturesque villages in the rural areas.

However, this town stays a wonderful place to visit and it is on the way up North to reach Goa anyway.

On the top of that there are some parks, lakes, beautiful monuments and temples to visit.

The program for the moment ?

Vidhana Soudha

Vidhana Soudha is the headquarter of the state legislature of Karnataka and an emblem of the town.

It will be interesting to see this monument and take some nice pictures.


Cubbon Park

I would really like to have a relaxing bicycle ride in this park during a sunny afternoon. It is known as the biggest green zone of the town.

It is the perfect place to take beautiful pictures and it is also good to come during the night as there is apparently loads of animation there.


I need some advises for other places to visit but I will not stay more than a day in Bangalore so I will be limited in time.

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