Kuala Lumpur

I just want to spend a day and a night there. There are loads of things to see but I think that the weather won’t be on my side according to the forecast for April.

It is a big town and the capital of Malaysia so, it is always good to stop there and see what the city can offer.

I got a friend who visited this place and advised me for what I should see in a day.

Firstly; I think I will leave Cameron Highlands in the evening and take a bus to Kuala Lumpur.  As you can see on the following map, it is only 3 hours away. So it would be great to arrive there not too late in order to put the belongings in a hotel and to go to have dinner.

Walking around the town after dinner should be good: The Petronas towers are very good to see during the night with its fountains. Then, go to have a drink somewhere should be a nice idea.


It would be good to sleep early to enjoy the next day at the maximum.

The plan next?

Batu Caves:

Located at the North of Kuala Lumpur, my friend really advised me to visit that in the morning.

It is located in Selangor exactly, at 10km from the centre of KL. There is 272 steps to climb to arrive in the caves, and there is a massive golden statue at the entrance before climbing the steps.

It is actually the site of a Hindu temple very famous in the country. there are 3 main caves and along the steps, you can see some monkeys, which is cool.


Little India:

Then it will be time to eat and the Little India of Kuala Lumpur is apparently a very nice place to have some lunch, or buy some souvenirs.



Then, after lunch, in the afternoon, I got the advice to see Chinatown with its big markets where they sell all kind of things.


KLCC Mall and Park

It is apparently good to walk around the mall which is very animated during the day. It is located inside the Petronas towers.


The park will be nice to have some rest before to take the bus to Melaka.