Erawan National Park

This place is for me the main reason why I will go in this region. Indeed, one of my friend who traveled last year in Thailand showed me some pictures that she took from this place and I said: “I will go there”.

Again, as it is a national park, we will have to pay a fee of 200 Bahts to get in, but it is worth it.

In this natural reserve, we can find the famous Erawan falls. 7 following waterfalls which are just exceptional thanks to the crystal blue color of the water as well as the fact that between them, we can swim in these natural swimming pools.

The funny things is that in one of the falls, there are these fishes that you can see on the picture below; these are very hungry and then, you can have a free fish SPA massage.

I chose to sleep near the river Kwai the day before in order to arrive there early to avoid the crowds in order to take nice pictures.

It is advised to take the bus at 8am at Kanchanaburi. There is a bus which takes 1h30 to get there (Bus Erawan) that we can find at the Terminal 1.



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