1st December 2016 – 1st January 2017

These are the different steps that I want to do when I will travel to Mexico:

I will probably spend a full month in Mexico and spend the new year in the Yucatan before to fly to Costa Rica from Cancun.

Then it will be:

Mexico city: Where I will land. I will probably stay 3 days there and visit places around such as Teotihuacan

La Huasteca Potosina: Up North, it will make me do a detour but it is worth to do it I think. I want to spend 5 days there.

Oaxaca: Maybe, if I can catch a cheap flight from San Luis Potosi (La Huasteca) to Oaxaca, it will save me time. Otherwise I should find a sleeping bus. Not much interested in the town itself but more by the things around such as Hierve el Agua. Maybe spending 2 days around there should be OK. Puerto Escondido is not far but I don’t think I will have time for that.

San Cristobal de las Casas: A nice village, where we can trek in the mountains with a horse. A stop of 1 day should be good.

Palenque: This is good to see all the Maya temples. 2 days around there should be OK.

Calakmul: This is worth the detour to see the temples in the heart of the jungle. 2 days there should be OK.

Campeche: Loads of things to do in this region and in the town itself. A minimum of 2 days is required around there.

Uxmal: Some good things to see between Campeche and this town but also on the way to Merida. Lets plan 2 days between these destinations.

Merida: I want to spend 2 days around this city. Loads of natural sites to see with cenotes. There is also a village on the way to Chichen Itza such as Hoctum which might be worth to see.

Chichen Itza: On the way to can Tulum, this is also where we can find some amazing natural places. 1 day here.

Tulum: A very nice place to see. I want to stay 2 days there.

Akumal: On the way to Playa del Carmen, a Stop of 1 day there to see the turtles.

Playa Del Carmen: The best for parties. 3 days there should be awesome.

Isla Mujeres: A stop of 1 day and a night there before to go to Cancun.

Cancun: 1 day and a night there before to take the flight which means spending the new year there. Might be a good experience.

The other idea could be to do this itinerary until Palenque, go backwards and reach Tuxla Gutierrez to take a flight to Cancun, and from there, do the following loop including Laguna Balacar:

Other information:

Hidden cave beach – Marieta, Mexico: This is a place that I would really like to see as it is very special. However, if I am landing to Mexico, it is kind of a big detour as it is on an island on the west side of Mexico (9 hours drive or 1h20 minutes for a flight)

However, I might think about it deeply because Playa Escondida is spectacular as you can see on the following pictures and I doubt there are many places like that in the world:



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