Koh Phangan

This will be the second island that I will visit and where I will stay 2 days.


Unfortunately, I will arrive too early for the Full Moon Party, which is happening on the 25th December and which is the biggest event on the island. However, there are plenty of other good festivals such as the Half Moon Party,the Black Moon Party, the Jungle Experience and also the Waterfall Party.

The Black Moon party seems to match with my dates. Indeed, there is one on the 10th December, on the day when I will leave Koh Tao. On the top of that, my cousin went there and did this party as he couldn’t make it for the Full Moon and he told me that it was amazing.


I will just have to be extra careful with my drinks. Indeed, this is a well known place to drink in buckets as you can see on the following picture. Some people are used to throw a drug inside it, and once you swallow that, you obey at all the things that the person tells you and you cannot remember anything on the next day. They generally use this technique in order to bring you in your hotel and steal all your belongings. So, I just need to be careful.



Scooter Renting:

I will rent a scooter to see the most beautiful and accessible places of the island. It is advised to be very careful on the Haad Rin road which is quite dangerous.

Also, it is known that the companies who rent the vehicles are always requiring to keep your passport. Then, I will take some pictures and a video of the scooter before taking it in order to show proof of the vehicle condition if they find something to say. It is good to try to leave a photocopy of the passport instead as they are not supposed to ask for the passport. Otherwise, the best solution would be to rent from the hotel you are staying in.

I picked up some good addresses according to what people say online and these names came up to be safe scooter rental places even if they take your passport:

– My Hut Rentals in Haad Chao Pao

– Chai Shop located in Baan Thaï


A part from the parties, Koh Phangan island is also good to rest on the following day when you have drunk too much.



This is the list of the best beaches according to what people say online. However there are so many which looks good that it is difficult to make a choice on what to visit. I will probably take the scooter and discover where it is the best.

– Bottle Beach: the dream by excellence with the white powdery sand and the turquoise water



– Thong Nai Pan Noi / Yai: Coco trees, white sand, clean water and so on. Many people say that it is the best beach on the island.



– Mae Haad: I won’t miss this one as it is very special thanks to the sandy path who brings you to the Koh Ma Island. This is also the best place in the island for snorkeling.



– Haad Salad: On the west coast, this is a beautiful beach with easy access in scooter.



– Haad Yao: Located just under the Haad Salad, this is also a nice beach to see.



– Haad Yuan Beach: Located on the South-East of the island, this beach is also nice to relax, there are some rocks and a nice wood path between it. However, it is difficult to access. I will then have to take a long tail boat from Haad Rin (the party beach) or just walk there.


Take a Boat:

After spending time exploring the accessible beaches in scooter, I will try to ask locals which ones are more difficult of access and reach them in Long Tail Boat.

It will allow me to discover unknown places. The best locations for this is on the calmer west coast.

There is the possibility to buy some waterproof camera bags to protect all the electronics. We can find that in Haad Rin and Thongsala.







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