Si Phan Don

This will be the last step before to come back to Paksé and take a bus to reach the Vietnam.

I will try to book a tour with an agency in Paksé to visit the most famous places of the 4000 islands called Si Phan Don.

Don Det:

This is a famous island to visit, walk around and relax. My plan is to rent a bicycle and do the tour of the island and discover what it can offer.

Then, there is a bridge which allow you to reach the other island called Don Khone. There is a nice waterfall to see called the Li Phi waterfalls. According to local people, these falls are home of some spirits and Laotian don’t go there.


2013-03-03 12.31.34

There is a possibility to see the Irrawaddy dolphins in the rivers. The idea would be to take a kayak and go in the direction of Cambodia by the river.


Khone phapheng Waterfall:

Then, this is the last falls that I want to see as they are the most extreme in terms of debit of water.  Located only 13km away from Cambodia, it is the place to see before to get back to Paksé.


I will not visit the island of Don Khong as it is the least special according to the other travellers and I think I will be rushing with the time.

Back to Paksé, this is the choice that I will have to get to Vietnam. I might opt for the VIP sleeping bus in the direction of Hue in Vietnam.


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