This is a place where I would really like to stop after leaving Langkawi.

Indeed, the idea would be to take some rest in Ipoh before to go to Cameron Highlands.

From Langkawi, I will have to take the ferry to Kuala Perlis, which is the nearest stop on the coast. The trip in ferry takes about 1h15 and it costs 18 Malaysian Ringgit (Approximately 3,50 euros). The ferries operates from 7am to 7pm You can book your tickets with Langkawi Ferry Service.

Then, from Kuala Perlis, I will have to take a bus in to reach Ipoh which is located 4 hours away.  The bus station in Kuala Perlis will be near where we will stop with the ferry as you can see on the link. The bus will cost approximately 30 Malaysian Ringgit (6 euros).

And then, arriving in Ipoh, I am planning to treat myself in this luxurious place:



This is called the Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat. A very big complex where it is very expensive to spend the night. Around 300 euros for a night there, it will be obviously not in my budget.

However, they are doing some nice offers on their website for the use of the SPA, Pools and other facilities:

It costs 175 Malaysian Ringgit (35 euros) and you can spend time there from 7.30pm to 10pm and the package is very nice as you can see by following this link.

However, they are doing this special package only on the Full Moon days. Then, as I will be in Malaysia in April, I should book for the 22nd April 2016, which is not convenient for me. I will then email the complex and ask if they can do this to an earlier date as I really don’t want to miss that. Otherwise I can still stay more time in Thailand to arrive there at the perfect time.

Then to sleep in Ipoh, there are plenty of Hostels that are less than 10 euros per night for 2 people.

There are some caves to see in Ipoh which are supposed to be cool with some statues inside. They are called the Kek Lok Tong Caves. There are also some nice gardens around. There is no entrance fee to visit it. However, it won’t be a priority and I will do it only if I have time.


Maybe I can do the cave in the morning and then move to the Cameron Highlands which are located 2h away.