This will be the way we will visit this place:

Jaisalmer is a famous town located 100 kilometers away from the Pakistani boarder.

There is a famous and impressive fort where a quarter of the population live, and then, the rest of the population live around the fort.

Gadsisar Sagar Lake:

This will be the first place that we will visit when we will go to Jaisalmer. It is good to go early in the morning, at the sunrise to take nice pictures and have a boat ride into the lake.

Even if some people argue that the lake is not well maintained and a bit dirty, the place still looks very good and it is the most ancient lake in the Rajasthan.

There are also loads of hungry catfishes that we can feed, so it might be fun.



Jaisalmer Fort:

This is the main activity to do when you arrive in the town.

It has been build in 1156 and is one of the oldest fort in the Rajasthan.

Inside the fort, we can find a lot of things to do and the place is full of narrow streets with small restaurants, shops, and temples. We will probably spend more than half a day to explore this place.

It is free to get into the fort, but some people advise to pay to visit the fort palace which is apparently worth it. Also we can pick up an audio guide, which is also free, in order to don’t get lost and visit all the different places of the fort without missing some of them.

At the top of the fort, you can have an impressive view of the Thar desert.



Bada Bagh:

Located in the Thar Desert, we can find there the royal cenotaphs of the maharajas. There are some beautiful monuments and there is an oasis around there.

It is located only 6 kilometers away from Jaisalmer and it is worth a visit.

On the top of that, there are some famous narrow streets near this place where there are some markets to find interestings things.



Camel Desert Safari:

This activity will cost around 1500 INR (20 euros) and is really worth the price. We might take either half day or overnight Safari, all depends our state of mind and if we are tired or not.

The Safari includes a jeep ride into the desert, a visit of some villages and monuments that we need to find out, because they might include Bada Bagh in the visit. Also, we will get one hour and half camel ride, the privilege to see the sunset and a nice dinner before to come back with the jeep.

For this experience, I found the company Real Desert Man Camel Safari which looks pretty decent in terms of services and got good reviews.




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