I knew that Singapore was a cool place but I found many very interesting things to see there.

I am putting it under the Malaysia section as I will only spend a few days there and I will continue with Borneo which will be back in Malaysia.

It takes approximately 4 hours to get there from Kuala Lumpur. Then I might have a quick stop in the city of Melaka if I have time, to have a gap between the 4 hours.

The things that I like in Singapore are the parks and rainforests that are in the heart of the city centre.

Then I want to spend 2 days and a night there and see the following places:

The Botanic Gardens:

This is a huge garden located in the town where we can spend half a day as it is huge. On the top of that, there is inside the garden another one called the Orchid Garden. However, I don’t think I will have enough time to visit it as well, because I also want to see other things.

This is a map of the place to show you how big  the place is:


As you can see on the picture below, you can feel in a jungle when you enter inside the park:


MacRitchie Nature Trail:

This walk lasts about 3 hours and it apparently really gives you the impression that you are in a rainforest. It is very good for those who like hiking, then it is something for me. At the same place, it is possible to walk around the MacRitchie reservoir too.

There, you can spot loads of animals, which is cool. There is also what they called a Treetop walk where we can have an amazing view from the top of this jungle as you can see on the following picture:


This is a perfect place to do some sport. Many people go there to run, then I will do it too. It will allow me to make some exercise and also to see more things. Have a look at the following video to get a better idea of the place:

Marina Bay Sand Skypark:

After a small dinner, it should be good to admire the view at the top of this building. It costs normally 20  dollars to go up to see the view but if you say that you go to the Sky Bar to have a drink, you don’t have to pay anything.


When you arrive at the Skybar, you can see the amazing view with the famous infinity pool. It is opened from 6am to 11pm. It is cool to stay for a sunset and at night to see the show with the lights.


Singapore Bridge:

Then, it should be cool to walk at night time on this special bridge which is all illuminated during the night:


Then it will be time to go to sleep. I found a nice hostel there called the Coziee Lodge.

It costs 12 euros per night and seems very decent. This is where it is located:

Capture d’écran 2015-10-06 à 00.45.23

On the second day there are also loads of nice things to see:

Singapore Zoo:

It is also a very famous activity to do in Singapore. I want to visit it in the morning.

It is very nice because you can get very close to some animals, and there are loads of different ones.

They call it the World’s best rainforest zoo so I think it is worth a stop there. there is also a night safari where some animals are in a kind of freedom.

The shows also have the reputation to be very good. Then I will see when I will be there if I can come back in the evening for the night Safari according to the prices. This is the website. The fee to enter is 32 USD which is very expensive and 72 USD combining the entrance fee and the Night Safari. Then I might only take the normal entrance which will already be a lot.


Gardens by the Bay:

This location is so epic. I saw it first in a movie but I didn’t know that it was actually in Singapore.  Walk around in the gardens looks amazing.

Then at night all the light are on and there is some music. I then want to spend the afternoon and the beginning of the evening there.

Here are 2 pictures during the day:



And this is at night time:


After this amazing time in Singapore, it will be time to take a flight to Borneo and continue the journey. It is advised to take a flight with AirAsia which is generally the cheapest airline company.