4th February 2016 – 18th February 2016

After Laos, this will be the next mission.

Normally, I should have to present the visa that I should do in Thailand in December before I arrive here, or in Laos in Vientiane. However, I heard that now, for the free Visa of 15 days in the country; authorities are just doing it at the boarder.

I am now allowed to stay 15 days in Vietnam for free.

I guess that to go to Hue, I will stop to Lao Bao, where there is the boarder check point to pass. This is a strategic place to pass because the Vietnamese and Laotian government came to an agreement to have some actions in this place in order to accelerate the boarder crossing for foreign people. It will be operated from the beginning of January 2016, and I am planning to arrive there at the beginning of February 2016, which is perfect.


Unfortunately, as I will have only 15 days, I won’t visit the north with Hanoi and all the nice places with rice fields in the misty mountains because of the lack of time, but it will be for the next time 🙂

Instead; from Hue, I will head south and discover the following places of this itinerary before to go to Cambodia:

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