Balicasag Island

This island is like a small square:


It is definitely worth to go there thanks to the snorkeling spots which are amazing.

The Balicasag reefs are worth to see as you can spot some turtles, see very nice corals and fishes. However, I need to be aware that local people are always trying to scam there and you have to pay for everything.

For instance, you have to pay 150 pesos to get to the island in boat whereas it is just next to the coast.

Also, when arrived there, you have to pay to do snorkeling, which is quite bad but if I can see turtles it will be fine and I have to think that even if it is expensive for what it is, it is to help the populations. And look at the color of the reefs:


You can eat there and the fishes and seafood are apparently delicious.