Day 3

This will be my last day in Bangkok.

It is supposed to be a Friday, and I am staying a last day because I really wanted to see the special Chatuchak market. Also, it will be a good way to rest because of the night out the day before.

Lumpini Park:

This is the biggest park in the city and is very good to escape the pollution of the town and to rest. It is also the oldest park around there as it was created in 1920.


The other particularity in this park is that local people come to play some traditional thaï sports such as the Tacraw that you can see in the picture below. They use their feet and their head to get the ball on the other side of the net. Interesting no ?


You can find a multitude of other cool things there such as an outdoor gym, or some animals such as varans crossing the paths next to you.

This is then the perfect place to relax, observe and do some sport.



Terminal 21 Mall:

I am not especially a fan of the malls but this one is very special and worth to visit.

In there, you feel like in an airport and each floor has been decorated as a stop in a town.

For example, as you can see on the following picture, there is a bridge in the middle of the mall which represents San Francisco. Cool no ?




This is the place where we will find all the big buildings and luxurious hotels. It will be nice to stop there in the end of the afternoon to find a Sky Bar, one of these bars at the top of the buildings where you can have an impressive view of Bangkok.

Cocktails there are very expensive so I won’t get drunk but it will be cool to have one and maybe see the sunset.

I already chose the bar where I will go and it is the Lebua at State Tower which is the highest point we can get, but it is also the place where the famous scene of Very Bad Trip 2 (The Hangover 2) was filmed. Yes, you remember, this one, when Allan gave the special drink to his friends:



Chatuchak Market:

And then, this is the famous market to visit. There is a part where they sell all kind of weird animals which is worth to see. It opens at 6pm on Friday so we will go there after admiring the sunset in the Sky Bar.

I will also try some street food there as I think there is the choice and I will be very hungry.




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