I want to spend some time in Moalboal where they have interesting things to see.

It is located less than an hour away from the falls that I will do the day before:


Kawasan Falls:

Again I will see some falls.  But yeah, It will be normally warm in May so it will be nice to refresh in a sunny morning in these crystal waters. There is a short walk to reach them and it is apparently cool. I want to spend a whole morning there at least.


As you can see, you can use some bamboo raftings to navigate there and get a back massage under the waterfall.

Hey, I want to seat on this bench:


They have falls on different levels too, so that is great.

Pescador Island:

Pescador island is not located too far from the Kawasan falls as you can see on the map:

As you can see below, it is a very, very small island:


However, it is very good for snorkeling. It is only located a few minutes away in boat from the coast of Moalboal.

I really want to see if I can get a speargun and try to catch fishes there.

If you are a diver, look at this video. You will want to go there: