This island is located at the southern part of the main island of Bohol.

The place is very famous and have a concentration of loads of activities to do there as you can see on the following map:


Dumaluan Beach:

As you can see, there are loads of beaches there. For this one, you have to pay to access it but it is apparently very good. It is only 25 pesos but is is worth because it is not crowded and not too touristic.

Beach 32's

Hinagdanan Cave:

This cave is the most famous on this island. The good thing is that you can swim in the crystal waters inside by paying 100 pesos. That should be cool to refresh in this water:


Virgin Island:

This is the most famous beach to see there. It is not that amazing but as I will go to the Balicasag Island after; this will be on the way, and there is some sand between the sea where you can walk in, which is cool: