La Huasteca Potosina

When I saw the things to see around this place, I said: I will go there.

For me it just incredible. However it is not very well known and not too touristic because of some tensions in this area. It is not the safest place to go, but there are some tour agencies which are very well organized to bring you there.

I found 2 nice agencies making trips there:


Then I want to visit the following places there:

Cascada de Tamul

From the top:


And from the bottom:


I would love to do rappelling from the top to the bottom and then, take a kayak at the bottom.

Castillo Surrealista:

In the heart of the jungle is located the Castillo Surrealista de Edward James.


I looks like a very special place. It is located in Xilitla and they call this place Las Posas.


Cascadas de Micos

Some beautiful waterfalls where we can enjoy canyoning or rafting:


Puente de Dios

This one is a very famous place in the area because it is one of the most beautiful.  This place is like a natural SPA where a waterfall is landing in a natural pool of 20 meters deep.


Located in Tamasopo, there are also some nice waterfalls around:


You can also swim in some caves which looks amazing.

Sotano de Golondrinas


Very well known for Basejumping, this place is a must see. I need to sort out how it can be possible to visit there but I know that the tour agencies are proposing this to visit.

To resume, this is a video of La Huasteca Potosina: