We will then end up to Margao city and take a bus sleeper to Mumbai. It will cost us approximately 550 INR (8 euros) . It is more expensive than the train (270 INR in 2nd Class) but it takes almost the same time and it looks more confortable. I took the ticket prices on the website MakeMyTrip which is very useful to find the fares for flights, train or buses in India.

Anyway, the bus sleeper will allow us to rest properly in order to be full of energy to visit Mumbai.

This is how these buses look like. We will use them a lot as they are a good alternatives to hotels and they are very efficient for time saving:


Before taking the bus, we might have a look at the city and visit the Margao Market which is apparently more suited for locals, but you can get spices, Goan cashews, fruits and all sorts of goods non eatable:



If we have time, we will also take a picture in front of the Church of Holy Spirit, with its beautiful Portuguese architecture:


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