30th May 2016 – 28th June 2016

Indonesia will be the last South East Asian country that I will visit.

This is how I want to visit it:

Bali: I will land there from the Philippines. Then I want to visit the whole island in 12 days including Lembogan.

Java: I want to see some things there and I am planning to stay 4 days there to see the famous volcanos and villages.

Gili Islands: The quickest and easiest way to travel to Lombok will be to fly from Java (Yogyakarta) to Bali, and then take a speed boat from Sanur straight to the Gili Islands or to Lombok and then take a bus to reach the islands. I want to stay 3 days there to relax before doing the Lombok trek.

Lombok: I want to stay 5 days there including a 3 days trek to the Rinjani Mount. The 2 other days will be dedicated to the visit of the island.

Komodo National Park: To get there from Lombok, I will have to get a boat trip from an agency. I want to stay 3 days there. Afterwards I will have to take a flight from Florès to Bali in order to take my flight for Darwin (Australia).


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